Rogansky Brewery

Rogan, Kharkov trade mark, the leader of brewing products in Ukraine. At the moment, the Rogan company in Kharkov, together with the trademark, belongs to San Interbrew Ukraine LLC.

Since 2002, the Rogan trademark has become a permanent sponsor of the Musical Island youth festival of live music, which takes place in the city of Kharkov. Rogan non-alcoholic beer was awarded the "Beer of the Year" award in 2004 and 2005. Rogan non-alcoholic beer was included in the hundred best goods of Ukraine.

At the moment, under the trademark of Rogan, six types of beer are produced: traditional light, two hops, a cheerful monk, a monastic, four, and nonalcoholic.

Rogan brewery in Kharkov is located in the southeastern part of the city and occupies 14 hectares. In the pronunciation of the trademark, an emphasis should be placed on the second syllable, otherwise the locals are greatly offended by such disrespect. The name comes from the local region Rogan, the Roganskaya river flows there, the meaning of the word follows from the once inhabited stag deer.

Rogan Brewery is the youngest in Ukraine, it was opened 1989 year and did not immediately become a brewery, the first four years, it produced non-alcoholic products. The birthday of beer at the Rogan plant is celebrated 3 December 1992 on this day at one o'clock in the morning the first bottles of Kharkiv beer "Zhigulevskoe" started to leave the conveyor. Rogan beer immediately gained popularity, because there was no doubt about the quality of the product, international experts of the brewing industry attended the event.

Since 2002, the beer brand "Rogan" has the status of national.

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