Verkhovyna is called the center of Hutsul culture. This region is rich in legends, natural and architectural sights.

They go here not only for the sake of beautiful landscapes and long walks along a steep path to a mountain of two thousandths, but also to hear local legends: about the treasures of Dovbush, hidden somewhere deep in the mountains, about the girl Marichka, who saved the village from the enemies, about the ancient sanctuaries and the gods who were worshiped there, about the traditions of existing and forgotten - many legends are kept by Verkhovyna.

Verkhovyna has its own sights: the observatory on the mountain Pop Ivan Chernogorsky, the geological monument Pisaniy Kamen, the high-altitude glacial lake Maricheyka, the peak-shaped rocks of Spitsa, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Kryvorivn, Dovbushevy Komory in Sinitsa and the rocks in the tract of Ugorsk.

In a large two-story building of the Local History Museum of Hutsulshchina there are 3 exhibition and 2 exhibition halls: here you will see looms, Hutsul clothes. The pride of the museum fund is also a couple of newlyweds - dolls in a detailed traditional dress were donated to the museum after the Second World War. In the general exposition hall, visitors can see a fragment of a meteorite from the Bystrets River, church books of the registration of newborns of the XVIII-XIX centuries, periodicals for 1936 year, which contains interesting materials written in Hutsul dialect, and much more.

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