Truskavets is primarily a resort town, known throughout Ukraine and beyond. There is an unusual therapeutic microclimate, unique healing mineral waters and other natural substances. In the city a lot of sanatoriums and hotels. But, in addition, the resort has many interesting places and attractions

The sights of Truskavets are not limited only to its famous springs, sanatoriums and a deposit of mountain wax. Here you can touch the distant history of Kievan Rus, see the majestic remains of the ancient fortress of Tustan, the place where the legendary Dovbush walked.

The first thing to see in Truskavets is necessarily - it's Central Park. It is different from traditional urban plantations and more like a dense forest with a variety of vegetation, as well as a multitude of inhabitants.

In the shadow of the park there is a beautiful fountain, in the center of which there is a sculpture of a girl. Those who want to know what interesting in Truskavets were in the past, can listen to the stories of local residents. They know many different legends associated with this unusual composition.

To penetrate the spirit of antiquity and learn the history of the city will help the resort museum, located directly under the open sky. The heaps of sharp rocks and the ruins of the 13 century fortress are truly admirable. These attractions near Truskavets try to visit all the guests of the city. In this part of the Carpathians, Dovbush, the famous defender of the poor Hutsuls, hid from his enemies. Legends about him are transmitted by local residents to this day.

Of particular interest are the natural attractions of Truskavets and its environs. And, first of all, the famous sources of mineral water with the affectionate name "Naftusya". It is able to work miracles and is recommended for use with gout, other similar diseases. To evaluate its healing properties, you can take advantage of a source located in the heart of the city.

The healing power is also ozokerite, also called mountain wax. His deposit in the vicinity of Truskavets includes almost 80 percent of the world's reserves of this mineral. The curative effect of ozocerite in combination with the intake of mineral water helps to get rid of many chronic ailments.

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