Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Uzhhorod

Museum of Architecture and Life in Uzhgorod, Skansen, or as it is also called "old village "is a real treasure of the material and spiritual culture of Transcarpathia

The museum-skansen was opened in 1970 year and became one of the first open-air in Ukraine. The Museum of Architecture and Life embodied architectural monuments of Transcarpathian village and samples of various items of folk art and life. A feature of the Museum of Architecture and Life is that the exposition of the museum is compared with the geographical map of Transcarpathia. Museum lodges are located from west to east, as well as houses of residents of lowland areas (valley), ethnographic groups (Lemk), Hutsuls, and then you can see two more houses - the Hungarian and Romanian population of the region.

In total, the museum has 7 manor and 6 residential buildings, a church, a bell tower, a tavern, a mill, a school, a forge, an apiary and a well. In each of these rooms you can enter and get acquainted with the architecture, interior and with samples of products of folk art and life.

The church was brought to the Uzhgorod skansen museum from the village of Shelestovo, Mukachevo region. It was built back in 1777 and is one of two authentic Lemko churches that have survived on the territory of Ukraine. It is made of oak beams and covered with shingles. The building of the church consists of rectangular log cabins, is divided into an altar, a narthex and a nave (elongated room), and the exterior is clearly expressed by three domes.

Truly this church is the pride of the museum-skansen, as it is an example of the classical unification of such two styles as the dome and baroque and is considered the best example of the wooden architecture of Transcarpathia. In the interior of the church in the center is a four-tiered iconostasis, which is made of icons of the XVII-XVIII centuries, and these are valuable examples of folk painting. The church in the museum is Greek Catholic and operates until today: every Sunday there is a divine service.

Near the church there is also a bell tower of the late XNUMXth – early XNUMXth centuries, brought from the village of Vilkhovaty, Rakhiv region. The peculiarity of the bell tower is the fact that it is the world's last example of a functioning hexagonal Hutsul bell tower! The following estates and huts are also interesting in their architecture: a manor from the village. Orekhovtsy, estate from the village. Rakoshino, hut from the village. Chibava, hut from the village. Steblivka, estate from the village. Dovge, Hutsul hut-grazhda and others.

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