Crystal Cave in Krivche

"Crystal Cave" ("Crystal", "Crystal", "Krivchanskaya") - the most famous and the most suitable for tourists visiting the cave of Podillia. 

The entrance is located in the spurs of the mountain on the southwestern edge of the village. Krivche. This is one of the largest among gypsum caves in Europe - the length of its explored part is almost 23 km. For the first time Krivchanskaya cave is mentioned in 1721, reopened in 1908

It is a branched gypsum system washed by underground water 20 million years ago. The excursion route for the cleaned and illuminated part of the "Crystal" is about 2,5 km, of which 500 m is the entrance corridor. The walls of the cave galleries are covered with snow-white or various colors with gypsum crystals, from where the name comes from. Many crystals resemble the silhouettes of animals: buffalo, lizard, elephant, eagle, etc.

The constant temperature is + 11 degrees. Open all year round, the tour is only possible with a guide.

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