Anthony caves of Chernigov

The millennial history of the ancient city of Chernigov is connected with numerous underground monasteries, which today surprise and attract tourists from all over the world. One of such amazing monasteries are the holy Antonyev caves, shrouded in secrets and fascinating legends.

The history of caves begins from the times of Kievan Rus, when in 1069 the monk Anthony, the founder of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, came to Chernigov. He liked Boldiny mountains. It was quiet there, some amazing power and strength was felt. Even in pre-Christian times this place was considered a saint, there was a pagan temple of the god Perun, and also a sacred oak grove grew. In the thick of the Boldina Mountains, Antony dug out a cave for solitude and prayers. But over time, the cave turned into a large underground monastic complex with churches and cells, where the monks settled. There are many legends about these caves and monks. One of them tells how in the 12 century Tatars attacked the city. They rushed to pursue the monks in the caves, but they did not find them, because the monks disappeared without a trace ...

Antonieva Caves is a complex of underground structures, to which belong the churches of St. Anthony and St. Theodosius of Totem, the Church of St. Nicholas the Svyatosh, the chapel with burial places, the cell of Antony and the monks. The uniqueness of the cave is that all the rooms are on four levels one above the other. It is especially quiet in the morning. This is the time when there are no crowds of tourists and you can be alone with yourself. Feelings of peace will fill you.

It should be noted that for many years the Antoniev caves are a place of mysterious and inexplicable phenomena. Back in 1960, during the excavation of this place, members of the archaeological expedition noticed unusual strange things - they could smell incense, heard sounds of unknown origin. And near the cell of St. Anthony in the depths of the caves one archaeologist saw the silhouette of a transparent figure in black cassock. Since that time, this figure, which sometimes even today appears in caves, is called the "Black Monk."

Scientists still can not explain all the anomalies that are occurring here. The main holy place of the underground monastery is the previously mentioned cell of the monk of St. Anthony, near which a powerful source of some energy unknown to science was discovered with the help of special instruments. This gave reason to assume that this place is a meteorite, which fell back in ancient times. Interesting phenomena occur in the corridors of the underground church of St. Nicholas. Here sometimes there is a gaseous cloud of white color. Against a dark background, different figures are formed that resemble the contours of a human figure in a cassock, a face with a beard, and so on. At the same time you can smell ammonia. Gas rises to the lantern, dissipates and different images begin to form. Such phenomena do not occur very often, usually in the morning. This is mysticism, which is worth seeing with your own eyes!

Among all the underground temples of the Antoniev caves, the Church of Theodosius of Totsky is very interesting. It is considered the largest underground church in Ukraine. Its height is about 9 meters. There is amazing acoustics, and the performances of the church choir are incredible! Visit this place and see for yourself!

Today, the Antoniev caves are not only a shrine of Christianity, but also a place where you can witness a real miracle!

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