Baturyn Fortress

Many battles were fought on the territory of the Chernigov region. Since the days of Kievan Rus Chernigov warriors were considered the best, and the city of Chernigov was in fact the capital of an ancient state.

Nevertheless, these lands gained great fame in the days of the Cossacks. It was here that Baturin was founded - the capital of the hetmandom of the left-bank Ukraine.

The history of the city begins with the erection of the Baturin fortress at the beginning of the 17 century. In the valley of the river Seim, the Baturin Citadel was the last stronghold and the most fortified part of the fortress. Since 1669 the Citadel of the Baturyn fortress was a representation of the great leaders of the Ukrainian nation - Demjan Mnogogreshny, Ivan Samoilovich, Ivan Mazepa and Kirill Rozumovsky.

Now the "Citadel of the Baturyn Fortress" is a cultural composition that is part of the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Hetman's Capital".

In 2009 the reconstruction of the Citadel of Baturyn fortress was completed. Although the beginning of the construction of the Citadel is attributed to the 17 century, archaeologists have discovered earthworks in its place more than 900 years old. At the end of 17 - the beginning of 18 centuries the Citadel of the Baturyn fortress had an earthen bastion system, was surrounded by a wooden palisade and a moat. Its walls and towers were erected from oak wood and smeared with clay. This design increased the strength of the Citadel and reduced its destructibility, especially in cannon fights.

On its territory are now 39 objects of historical significance. Among them the Church of the Ascension of the Lord, the Hetman's House and the Treasury deserve special attention. The church was the main wooden hetman temple. In it are the remains of the heroes of the Battle of Baturyn. In November 2008 the church was consecrated on the occasion of the 300 anniversary of the Baturyn tragedy. Now it can light a candle and pray for the repose of the souls of Baturin warriors. The hetman's house, located in the center of the Citadel, was recreated in a similar way to the buildings of that time. It served as the official residence and the government office of the hetman. The treasury is the hetman's treasury, which is currently being reconstructed. Later, it plans to open an exhibition of coins, starting from the first princely hryvnia. Being in Baturin, visit the observation deck of the gate tower. It has a beautiful view of the valley of the river Seim.

Outside the Citadel is Baturinsky Park. One of its main attractions is the Memorial Cross to the victims of the Baturin tragedy. The story tells, when hetman Ivan Mazepa went over to the Swedes, the tsar of the Russian Empire Peter I ordered to destroy Baturin. The army under the command of General Alexander Menshikov in 1708 took a fortress attack and killed all around the city. The Memorable Cross was found during excavations and installed in 2004 year, marking the beginning of the restoration of the Citadel of the Baturyn Fortress. Also in Baturinsky Park there is the palace of Hetman Kirill Razumovsky, the Resurrection Church, the house of General Judge Vasily Kochubey, many monuments and squares dedicated to the events and great figures of Baturin and Ukraine.

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