17 historical temples, 9 museums and about 200 architectural memorials. All this in the city of Nizhyn Chernihiv region.

The historical city of Nezhin on the river. Oster inthe first city is mentioned in the chronicle 1078 g. as Nezhatin, in 1147 g. as Unenezh.

In 1625, a new city was built on the site of the ancient settlement destroyed by the Tatar-Mongols. In 1663, the "Black Rada" took place in Nezhin, where I. Bryukhovetsky was elected hetman, who gave Ukraine under the authority of the Moscow Tsar.

In the XVIII century. the Greek community was strong, which is reflected in the architectural and cultural heritage.

Nizhyn - a city of churches - there are preserved 20 religious buildings.

In 1805, the Gymnasium of the Higher Sciences of Prince Bezborodko was founded, which laid the foundation for higher education in the entire Left-bank Ukraine. Now it is the Nezhinsky State University, named after N. Gogol, who studied here.

In Nizhyn there is also the first monument to Gogol in the world. By the way, it was Nezhin that became the prototype of the provincial city of N - the hero of many Gogol works.

In the only in Ukraine almost completely preserved complex of buildings of the post office of the XVIII century. The "Postal Station" Museum was opened.

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