Vishnevetsky Palace

Among the castles of Ternopil region the palace in Vishnevets occupies a special place. A luxurious palace in the style of classicism with elements of the French Renaissance was built in Vishnevets by the last of the Vishnevetsky family, the large Polish tycoon Mikhail Servatsiy.

Over the construction worked Ukrainian, Polish and French architects for 30 years. The palace is based on the foundations of the medieval Vishnevets castle, which has been repeatedly rebuilt and expanded since the 17th century.

The Vishnevetsky Palace consists of several volumes, combined under perestroika at the end. XVIII century. in a symmetrical U-shaped composition with axial and angular rhizalite. On the first floor there was a mirror hall of length 80 m - an exact copy of the mirror hall of Versailles, the front hall was decorated with white ceramic tiles with a blue pattern. From the palace to the river 3 cascade of gardens descended.

In 1744 the estate passed to Mnishek, the relatives of the Vishnevets. They turned the Vishnevetsky Palace into a first-class magnate residence in the late Rococo style with a beautiful picture gallery. The palace was considered the most luxurious in Volhynia.

Visiting Vishnevets in 1848, Honore de Balzac called it "a small Versailles". The last owners did not care much about the monument, and especially it suffered during the Second World War. It was restored in 1950, but without interior decoration. Here were various institutions.

Now it is a branch of the reserve "Castles of Ternopil region". Since 2005, a complete reconstruction is under way, a small exposition has already been placed in the restored rooms, excursions are being conducted.

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