Museum of sexual cultures of the world. Kharkiv

The Scientific and Educational Museum of Sexual Cultures of the World, created in Kharkov, is the only one of its kind not only in Ukraine, but also in Eastern Europe!


The first and so far only museum in Ukraine, whose exposition is dedicated to the sexual culture of the peoples of the world, was opened in 1999 on the initiative of the staff of the Department of Sexology of the Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

The museum conducts extensive educational work in the field of relations between a man and a woman for about ten years for the sexual development of not only the younger generation or people wishing to marry, but also for the preservation of married couples. After all, according to statistics, a large percentage of divorces is associated with low sexuality of spouses. The museum displays exhibits depicting the sexual cultures of the peoples of Japan, India, America, China, Africa and Europe from the very beginning of their existence until the end of the XIX century.

The museum collects materials on sexual cultures of the peoples of Europe, Africa, America, India, China and Japan from ancient times to the present. Expositions of individual rooms are devoted to sexual education of children and adolescents, their preparation for marriage and the beginning of family life. Materials of the museum are selected according to the requirements of the programs of educational institutions.

Twelve rooms are the sexual cultures of twelve countries. There is also a teenage hall in the museum, which you can visit to learn a lot about the anatomy, physiology and psychology of a person's sexual behavior. A separate exhibition tells about sexual relations of animals.

In principle, there are no similar museums in the world. There are museums of eroticism, but there are no museums where all the sexual cultures of the world are brought together.

But not everyone can visit the museum, because in some exhibition halls the entrance to 18 years is prohibited.

The main task of the scientific-educational museum is to show how primitive instincts turn into love.

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