Gorky Park. Kharkiv

The main Kharkiv park is Gorky Park - one of the favorite recreation areas of Kharkiv citizens. If we turn to the history of Gorky Park, it was founded in 1893-1895. Then he had the name of the suburban Nikolaev park. But the grand opening of the park took place already in 1907, after the trees grew here.


Originally the park had an area of ​​98 hectares. It was planned by the type of the French Boulogne Forest, which formed the ring of the chestnut and lime walkways intended for horse walks. This park without exaggeration can be considered a citywide one, since the townspeople were said to have been thrown off, as they say, "by the whole world," and the trees were planted all together!

During the Second World War, the park was almost completely destroyed. During the restoration and restoration in the post-war period there appeared a colonnade of authorship of architects AG Krynkin and EA Svyatchenko, a fountain, attractions.

In 2012, Gorky Park experienced another global restoration, an updated amusement park was opened, incl. "roller coaster" and the biggest in Ukraine Ferris wheel, on the alleys appeared a lot of original bronze sculptures, which symbolize each recreation area.

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