Hoverla is the highest mountain in the Carpathians and the highest point in Ukraine. The height of Hoverla is 2061 meters, it is located on the Montenegrin ridge on the border of the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, 17 kilometers from the border with Romania.

As for the word "Hoverla", linguists have not yet reached a consensus. If we assume that the name came from the Romanian language, then Hoverla - translated from Romanian - means "an impassable rise." And here in translation from Hungarian the name of the peak means "Snow Mountain" (Hóvár). And this option is more true, because atop the Hoverla snow lies almost a year, and even in places in the summer.

The most famous mountain of Ukraine looks like a regular cone, covered with alpine meadows, grasses, bushes, stone screes. At the foot of the mountain lies one of the sources of the Prut river and a picturesque cascade of waterfalls about 80 meters high.

There are several legends about Goverla and Prut.

According to one of them, they used to be a guy and a girl, they loved each other until Grozny Molfar, the girl's father, found out about it. In order that Prut did not find Hoverla, the father hid it, turning it uphill. The rod has found out to spoil the beloved, it is necessary to ascend to the top of the mountain at dawn. But he did not have time before dawn, sat down on the slope of Goverla and cried. Yes, and still the river Prut, flowing from the slopes of Goverla, still cries. Since then, Hoverla and Prut have always been together.

The summit of Goverla is a small flat area, which is very convenient for sportsmen and tourists. At the top of the statue are several memorable signs: Ukrainian flag, trident, Christian Cross and an obelisk several meters high, indicating the highest point of the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, once past.

The review, which is opened to the person who conquered Hoverla, can not be conveyed by the Lloyds. From the top of Hoverla, the entire Montenegrin mountain range, the White Elephant observatory on Mount Pop Ivan, and the cities of Ivano-Frankivsk and Kolomyia, as well as Romania, are perfectly visible.

Not surprisingly, Hoverla is a popular tourist destination, thousands of people annually climb the mountain. This can be done from the beginning of May to the end of September, and at the rest of the time, because of the increased risk, only professional mountaineers will miss the mountain.

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