Slavske ski resort

Slavske - Carpathian ski resort on the Beskydy mountain range - one of the most famous and titled ski resorts in Ukraine.

The first lifts have been opened here yet in 30-ies XX century. Now in Slavske has several mountains for skiing and a lot of trails, which are approved by the International Ski Federation.

On Mount Trostyan (1232 m) -11 trails with a total length of 22 km for skiers of any level of training, including 6 international ski slopes.

On Mount Pogar (857 m) - 1 a route of an average level of complexity with system of artificial snow making.

On the mountain Menchil (1072 m) in the tract of Warsaw - 4 trails for experienced athletes.

On Mount Kremen (Polytech) - 3 trails for lovers, beginners and children.

 And 9 trails of different levels of difficulty on Mount High Upper (1243 m), located in with. Volosyanka in 6-ти km from the center of Slavsky:

Due to the small number of working lifts and a large number of tourists in Slavske you can stand in line for a long time. In addition, the elevators due to decay sometimes break, and the trails are not very prepared - there are ice, and hillocks, and grass.

But finally in Last year the motorway on the Skole-Slavske site, which had previously caused serious complaints, was completely reconstructed.

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