Waterfall Kamenka

The Kamenka waterfall on the river of the same name is in the Skolivsky district of the Lviv region near the village of Dubina. The waterfall belongs to the national natural park "Skolivskie Beskydy" and is a geological sight and one of the most popular tourist sites.

The beautiful and powerful waterfall Kamenka, divided into two giant streams, was formed in a picturesque mountain break, apparently many centuries ago. The height of the fall of the water reaches 6 meters.

In frosty winter, the waterfall freezes, but in summer it is always crowded here. Excursion groups from all over Ukraine and Europe come here. In spring and early summer, when the Kamenka River is overflowing with water, the waterfall becomes the most spectacular.

Crossing the bridge of the Kamenka River, tourists can get to the Dead Lake (another name is Crane Lake). This name is not accidental: the water in the lake is very cold even in hot summer, it smells of hydrogen sulphide and there is no fish in it.

Nevertheless, the waterfall, the Kamenka River, the lake, the swamps around, covered with moss, and the surrounding forest are enchanted with their beauty and form a single natural complex, in which it is simply impossible not to fall in love.

Please note that in Western Ukraine there are two waterfalls with the same name Kamenetsky. One Kamenetsky - exactly the one we are talking about - is located in the Lviv region, behind the village of Skole. And the other - in the Transcarpathian, within the National Park "Sinevir".

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