What is interesting is this small village, lost in the vastness of Ukraine in the Kovel region of the Volyn region? And the fact that in This village in 8 km from Lutsk was spent by an outstanding Ukrainian poetess, daughter of our people Lesya Ukrainka (Larisa Kosach).

The estate in the center of the village was acquired in 1868 by Lesya's father Pyotr Kosach, who soon moved here with his family. Young Lesya was brought up in the bosom of the fabulous Volyn nature under the influence of her mother - the writer Olena Pchelka. Here were born younger brothers and sisters of Lesya. In 1890, a legendary Lesin "white" house was built in the estate, and in 1896 the construction of a parental "gray" house began. The first collection of Lesya Ukrainka appeared in these places.

After the end of the Second World War, thanks to the efforts of local residents, the buildings were restored, and their appearance was as close to the original as possible.

Now the estate has been turned into a literary-memorial museum, here you can see the parents' house and Lesya's "white house" with personal belongings of the family in the interiors. Nearby in the Nechimne tract, where Lesya often visited, the Forest Song Museum was opened.

Literary-memorial museum of Lesya Ukrainka in the village. Kolodyazhnoye today is a powerful cultural and educational center. Every year the museum is visited by more than 30 thousand people.

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