The majestic cliffs of the Lviv region hide many secrets. For example, the remains of an ancient city, which collected duty from around the world. - Rock-walled city-fortress Tustan.

In Lviv region near the resort of Skhidnytsya there is a tiny village Urych, where tens of thousands of tourists come every year.

They come to admire the mysterious gray Uritsky rocks - the remnants of the ancient mud that once covered the bottom of the world ocean Tethys.

And at the top of formidable rocks - remains of the medieval defensive fortress of Tustan, which has no analogues in Europe.

Today Tustan, together with Uritski rocks, is included in the State Historical and Cultural Reserve.

In the IX century. here was an important defensive and customs point of the Slavic tribe of White Croats, who were destined to become one of the ancestors of modern Ukrainians.

Initially, the fortress of Tustan was built from wood in the pre-Mongol era. Visitors to the reserve can see the remains of the wall, corridors, stairs, caves, arches and wells.

Fortress for all its history rebuilt 5 times. The construction was built into the rock, so the specialists managed to make a graphic reconstruction of the old walls.

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