Berdichev is a regional center in the Zhytomyr region, once a Polish-Jewish town with churches, monasteries, the grave of the Jewish tzadik and other sights that have survived since that time.

In the past, Berdichev was a kind of Jewish capital, there were numerous fairs of merchants and artisans of the Jewish descent. In Berdichev, one of the spiritual leaders of the Chassids, tsadik Levi Yitzhak Berdichevsky, lived and was buried.

In addition to his grave, another important attraction of Berdichev is the church of St. Barbara. He was famous for the fact that in 1850 the French writer Honore de Balzac and his beloved, the Polish landowner Evelina Ghanskaya, were married.

Near the Catholic church stands Saint Nicholas Cathedral - the largest Orthodox temple of Berdichev, and on the Cathedral Square there is the Carmelite Monastery of the XVI-XVIII centuries, where the icon of the Berdichevskaya Mother of God is kept, or rather the copy of the destroyed icon.

On the territory of the monastery there is also the Berdichevsky Historical Museum, in which exhibits related to the life of the Jewish community and the fascist occupation of Berdichev are of particular interest.

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