Alley of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred, Kyiv

Alley of Heroes of Heaven Hundreds - a street in the Pechersk district of the city of Kiev, which runs from Independence Square and Khreshchatyk to Olginskaya and Institutskaya streets. Walking alley. On most of it, where 2014 was shot in February, memorable memorial signs and monuments in honor of the heroes of the Heavenly hundreds are located along the way.

During the Revolution of 20 February 2014 on the section of Institutskaya street from Olginskaya street to Independence Square, a mass execution of activists of Euro-Majdan took place. The dead after that began to be called the Heavenly Hundred, and the street became a place of veneration of their memory.

After the end of the 18-20 battles in February, thousands of Ukrainians went to this part of the Institutskaya Street to honor the heroes of the Heavenly Hundreds who died here. The street was covered with flowers, and then on the street began to appear monuments to the fallen.

Almost immediately began to appear proposals to rename the streets in honor of the Heroes of Heavenly hundreds.

After the debate in the session Kyiv City Council 20 November 2014 decided to rename not the entire street, but only a part of the Institutskaya Street on the Alley of Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds. The decision was published and entered into force on 30 January 2015.

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