Mount Krasia

Mount Krasia is one of the very first in Ukraine, which has placed ski slopes and tracks on its slopes. Here the first in Zakarpattia was built a chair lift, which is located directly near the main building of the tourist center "Perlyna of Krasia".

Tracks are available here for both beginners and professionals. One of the main advantages of the Krasiya ski resort is the small number of tourists. Even during the peak moments of the seasons. The reason lies in the "non-promotion" of the region.

As for the ski runs and services - the region is not inferior to the majority of Carpathian pearls. Despite the comfort, guaranteed by the inaccessibility of the mountains, there are all conditions for a comfortable outdoor activity.

Mount Krasia has a height of 1036.2 m. Slopes are covered with forest, which is quite rare for today's Carpathians. Beautiful nature, colorful local population, ancient wooden churches and monasteries 18 art. in the neighboring village of Kostrino or Uzhok, to make an excursion to Uzhgorod (60 km.) or Mukachevo (100 km.), to visit the unique marble caves.

The most curious can go in search of the remains of the cosmic body at the site of the fall of the largest meteorite in Europe in the village. The Princess. In the summer - it's horse and pedestrian walks with cool beech and oak forests, picking mushrooms and berries. Skiing on the chairlift in the summer will allow you to see the unique beauty of the mountains. Clean air, flowers, grass, rustle of water - would it leave indifferent. The relief of the ski slopes creates ideal conditions for fans and fans of this mountain bike and promises a great adrenaline cocktail.

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