Artemovsk Champagne Wine Factory

Artyomovsk Winery is the largest enterprise in Eastern Europe producing sparkling wines in the classical bottled way. The time-honored French traditions of champagne production and the latest technologies and equipment make it possible to produce sparkling wine in quality comparable to that of the best world producers.

The entire production cycle in Artyomovsk Winery is located underground in a special microclimate. The conditions in the underground tunnels at a depth of over 72 meters are ideal for the production of sparkling wines according to the original French technology. Temperature and humidity are constant here, regardless of the season. And the total area of ​​the underground tunnels is over 25 ha, where 30 million bottles of Artem's wine are simultaneously stored.

Artemovsky plant of sparkling wines is rightly considered the national treasure of Ukraine. Here half-century traditions of making artemovskogo sparkling are preserved, and new innovative methods of production are introduced. From generation to generation, precious experience, knowledge and secrets of artemovskie winemakers are carefully transferred. Customer orientation, team unity and the value of each employee are the main principles of the Artemovsky Champagne Wine Factory.

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