Parkhomovsky Museum

The house-museum in Parkhomovka is located in the former mansion of the Count Podgorichani. In 1765, the village gave Count Catherine II. Now here is the most unique collection of paintings in the Kharkov region.

A unique museum in 1945 was founded by a simple rural teacher Athanasius Lunev. Arriving in the village to teach history, he invited the children to open a historical museum. And schoolchildren began to bring to the school class all sorts of things that, in their opinion, could have at least some value. The first to respond to the call of the children responded to the Kharkov artists and in 1955 gave the museum sixty of their works. It was this date that was later considered the year the museum was founded.

In 1962, the collection was transported to the mansion of Count Podgorichani. The exposition increased, its value grew. And already in 1987 the museum decided to transfer the state. He became a department of the Kharkov Art Museum.

Now the collection of the Parkhomovsky Museum has more than six and a half thousand exhibits. For a year the exposition is visited by twenty five thousand people ... And in the museum there is a written set presented to Stalin. Dymkovo toys, Khokhloma painting and objects, more recently, in the last century, which were a modern miracle of technology.

The original paintings of Rembrandt, Gauguin, Van Dyck, Shishkin, Levitan, Repin, Vasnetsov are kept here. There are, for example, 4 works by Picasso, which Ilya Ehrenburg presented to the museum. Part - donated by the most famous museums of the former Soviet Union. The Parkhomov collection was supplemented by the unification of the Moscow Kremlin museums and even by the Hermitage. Gave their work and the artists themselves. Historical and Art Museum in the village. Parkhomovka, is the only museum in Ukraine, located in a rural manor house.

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