Park of sanatorium "Aivazovsky" in Partenit

Park "Aivazovskoe" (Partenit, Crimea) is open to all those who want to enjoy the beauty from March. And in the early spring there already is something to see. The second name of the well-groomed corner is Park Paradise. Many excursions from all over the coast are arranged on its territory.

The project of the park has not yet been fully implemented. It is divided into territories about 25 hectares, and surrounds the eponymous sanatorium. Until 60-ies of the last century on the site of the park was a vineyard.

Not far from Paradise Park is Plaka's cape, which will provide an unforgettable view of the Crimean coast.

Park Aivazovsky in Partenit is famous for its thematic corners. There are among them 200-year-old olive grove, English landscape park, Japanese Bansai garden, a corner with cactuses, many waterfalls, arbors and picturesque corners.

Visiting Paradise Park is paid. Admission fee for adults is 35 UAH, for children - 15 UAH. For visiting the park Bonsai will have to lay out another 5 hryvnia. However, for this cost you can walk in the park, visit the beach, get out of the park and go back to it again on the same day.

To get to the park "Aivazovskoe", it is necessary to turn from the Alushta-Yalta highway on the index "Partenit", go down to the fork in the road - two to the right and one to the left. Do not turn, go straight. A little to the left you will see the entrance to the park "Aivazovsky". Partenit can be reached on foot or by any bus. Stop "Aivazovsky".

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