swallow's Nest

Swallow's nest of a suite on the steep Aurora rock of the Ai-Todor Cape. The building looks like a medieval knight's castle. It became a kind of emblem of the Southern coast of Crimea. The image of the "Swallow's Nest" carried millions of postcards and pictures all over the world.

swallow's Nest in its present form was built in 1912 in accordance with the project of the architect A. V. Sherwood, the son of the well-known architect V.O. Sherwood, author of the project of the Historical Museum on Red Square in Moscow.

The miniature castle suffered a strong, 6-7-earthquake 1927. It almost did not suffer, except for the sharp spiers that had fallen in the sea and a piece of rock from under the lower balcony. In 30-ies there was a reading room of the rest home "Pearl". Then the building, recognized as emergency, was closed. Tens of years, "Swallow's Nest" remained inaccessible to visitors. Restoration began only in 1968. They stopped on a project that provided for dismantling only a small part of the building, laying under the base of a monolithic reinforced concrete slab and enclosing the entire structure with anti-seismic belts.

"Swallow's Nest" was sheltered among the thread of sanatoriums, which, as it were, are shaded and adorned. Contrast to the old buildings is the sanatorium "Parus", the most modern architectural design of the health resort of the South Coast, built in 1965 year. It was based on the project of the sanatorium "Chernomorye", awarded a silver medal at the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958 and two years later embodied in a health resort under the same name in Livadia. On the territory of the "Sail" there is the "Captain's Bridge" hanging over the precipice. Everyone who has visited here seems to fall into the realm of the sea and stone and is ready to admire the coast for hours. Below, at the foot, the rock of Parus froze, giving its sanatorium its name.

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