Lviv - the tourist and festival capital of Ukraine

Modern Lviv is an excursion mecca of Ukraine, a model for imitation of all Ukrainian cities. Lvivans are able to make a tourist candy from each yard, from a usual shop or café, wrapping it in an interactive unusual wrapper.

Lviv is a city-holiday, city-festival, city-extravaganza, city-event. Lviv is Europe for a long time already.

Each yard of Lviv keeps some legend. On every centimeter of paving stone, at every turn you meet something interesting, you face unique art treasures of different historical epochs of the world civilization: an architectural monument, a magnificent temple, an ancient square, a cozy street, a museum, a gallery, a coffee shop ...

Lviv does not like templates, he likes provocations and experiments. This is the current cultural, literary, artistic, musical, theatrical capital of Ukraine, the capital of entertainment, fun, attractions, actions and festivals.

In Lviv, more than 50 festivals are held throughout the year: the winter festival of St. Nicholas, the Christmas festival "The Great Carol", the Christmas Fair, the Pumpukha (Donut) festival from 11 to 11 January, the Pysanok festival in the first half of April, the ethnographic festival "Big Haivka" Day of the city in May, festival "Weathervanes of Lviv", June Alfa Jazz Fest, September Forum of book publishers and book fair, festival of authentic art "Vereteno", city festival "On coffee in Lviv", international theater festival "Golden Lion on street ", a holiday of cheese and wine in October and others. Traditionally in the city twice a year in July and December there is an action "Night Lions": night excursions through the streets and museums of the city, theatrical performances, art performances, theatrical performances, exhibitions in galleries where guests and residents of the city are invited free of charge.

Lviv is always beautiful, every day, at any time of the year, he is waiting and loving everyone.

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