Yablunitsky pass

Yablunitsky Pass is a transport hub connecting Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. On the pass are observation platforms, from where a beautiful and breathtaking view of the mountains of Hoverla, Petros and Svidovetsky ridge opens.

Also Yablunitsky pass is the highest automobile pass in the Ukrainian Carpathians - 931 meter above sea level. Often you can hear that this pass is called "Tatar", because in the 13 century this way to Europe was a Mongol-Tatar horde. In antiquity this was the most important route between the Galician principality and Hungary, then between Poland and Transylvania. The pass 931 m high passes through the saddle of the Yablunitsa Range of the Eastern Carpathians.

However, not only its famous Yablunitsky pass. The souvenir market is open all year round. Here you can not only buy traditional Hutsul things, for example, woolen socks, embroideries or blankets, but also enough to eat Carpathian dishes.

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