Market Square

The Market Square is the heart of Lviv, a kind of open-air museum, where the spirit of the medieval city is hovering, where every house is an architectural monument, and every centimeter of the cobblestone is shrouded in its own legend.

The history of medieval Lviv is inextricably linked with Rynok Square, although the old square was located slightly elsewhere. In the center of the modern square there is a magistrate - the City Hall. The very first City Hall was built in Lviv by Volodymyr Opilskyy at the end of the 1851th century, then it was rebuilt several times, and it acquired its present appearance in XNUMX.

In 1793, the prominent sculptor Hartmann Witwer built four fountains around the town hall in the corners of the square with figures of the gods of the Greek pantheon: Neptune, Adonis, Amphitrite and Diana.

All the houses in the Market Square are masterpieces not only of Lviv, but also of European Renaissance architecture. In the Palace of Kornyakt there is an interesting exposition of the Lviv Historical Museum, which totals 300 thousand exhibits. Especially popular among Lvivans and visitors of the city is the Italian courtyard - the custodian of secrets and legends of the market square at all times.

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