Arcadia, Odessa

Arcadia - this is the name of the most famous and most prestigious resort area of ​​Odessa, the so-called embankment, promenade, beach, hotel, and of course numerous bars, restaurants, entertainment centers and nightclubs in Odessa.

The Arcadia region is located on the Black Sea coast in the 5-7 station of the Great Fountain. Odessa citizens knowingly chose for this region the ancient Greek name, indeed indeed Arcadia is a paradise on earth, where idyll, happiness, peace and peace reign. Since the very foundation of the city, Arcadia has always been and remains a fashionable, prestigious, elite resort.

Arcadia is a very hospitable place, one of the best resort regions of Ukraine, a climatic and mud resort, with a convenient location, high level of service and the maximum variety of services offered. Among the lush beaches of Arcadia - "Ibiza", "Ithaca", "Arcadia".

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