Odessa catacombs

One of the symbols of Odessa is the Odessa catacombs - a grandiose system of underground quarries of the 19th and early 20th centuries, interconnected by underground passages and labyrinths.

Odessa catacombs are unique not only on Ukrainian scales, they are known all over the world because of their fantastic size. The total length of all moves is more than 2,5 thousand kilometers. Odessa catacombs are much larger than the famous Paris and Rome catacombs, they represent colossal value from a paleontological, historical, aesthetic point of view.

Every second tourist arrives in the catacombs, coming to Odessa. Wild tourists and adventurers are attracted to large-scale landslides, mysterious flooded galleries, labyrinths, and civilized tourists - the museum part of the catacombs, associated mainly with the partisan movement of the Second World War.

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