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Latvian national airline launches large-scale campaign

According to information on the website of the Latvian airline airBaltic, from January 2020 there is a special offer for large-scale sale of tickets to all destinations almost until the end of the year. From Ukraine, airBaltic offers direct flights from Kiev, Odessa and Lviv to the capital of Latvia, Riga. The airline also offers Ukrainian passengers about 60 flight options to European countries.

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World Snow Day

January 21 is World Snow Day. Officially, World Snow Day was created to encourage people to winter sports. In addition to the well-known hockey, ice skating and skiing, mountain skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, curling became popular. And also new winter sports appeared: icecarting, snowkiting, snowtubing, brumbol and winter zorb. Therefore, World Snow Day on the calendar is a great opportunity to actively relax in the kingdom of snow.

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Summer Olympics in Japan

The Japanese airline Japan Airlines decided to give out free 50 thousand airline tickets for foreign tourists who want to attend the Olympics in Japan from July 1 to September 30. JAL Mileage Bank loyalty program participants can apply for an individual ticket or a group ticket for a family. The lucky ones will receive round-trip tickets. The action will begin to operate from the end of February.

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Ukraine entered the list of the best countries in the world

The American publication USNews & World Report published on its website a ranking of the best countries in the world. Ukraine took 65th place out of 80. The assessment was carried out according to the following criteria: cultural heritage, tourism opportunities, development of the social sphere and civil rights, quality of life and the pace of economic development, the influence of the state in the world. And the three leaders were Switzerland, Japan and Canada.

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Ready for the New Year

On December 19, at 17 p.m., the opening of the main Christmas tree of Kharkov will take place. The green beauty will shine with lights on the main square of our city - Freedom Square. Also, everyone can visit the traditional New Year's fair and ice rink.

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Increase Sky Up Flights

Sky Up Airlines received the right to operate the Kiev-Lisbon-Kiev line from the State Aviation Service of Ukraine. In addition, the number of flights Odessa-Barcelona, ​​Kiev-Heraklion, Kiev-Kharkov and Kiev-Odessa will be increased.

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In the Carpathians began the ski season

Bukovel welcomes tourists with snow, though artificial, but no less attractive. Everyone is welcome to ski slopes for beginners and extreme sports, tens of kilometers of snowy mountain slopes, a great mood and an unforgettable experience.

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Giant Chinese Lantern Festival in Kiev

According to the press service of the Kiev city state administration, on December 13 in Kiev at the Singing Field, the Festival of Giant Chinese Lanterns begins. All figures are made of stainless steel with illumination of different colors. The festival will last until February 2 2020 year, so everyone will have time to visit a fabulous place.

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From Kharkov to Paris

According to with reference to the Sky Up carrier, from April 2020 will resume flights Kharkov-Paris (Beauvais Airport, which is 70 km from the capital of France).

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New Year to Georgia

The press service of the Ukrainian airline Yan Air announced the launch of additional flights to Georgia. From December 26 2019 will be carried out 6 flights Kiev-Batumi and 4 Kiev-Tbilisi. The airline also plans 2 additional flights Kharkov-Batumi.

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Palace of salt

Bolivia has the world's largest salt marsh with an area of ​​over 10 thousand square meters. km, which appeared on the site of the dried up lake Uyuni. On the territory there are several hotels built entirely from salt.
One such hotel is a hotel called the Palacio de Sal, which translates as “Palace of Salt”. The area of ​​the 418 complex is sq.m., it consists of one million salt blocks that were used for floor, ceiling, walls and even furniture. The Palacio de Sal has 16 superior rooms with all modern amenities. Vacationers are offered a steam bath, a dry sauna, a jacuzzi, two salt-water pools. And for sports enthusiasts, there is a nine-hole golf course made from salt.
Almost all tourists try to taste furniture or walls to make sure they are really made of salt. This was the reason for the introduction of a rule prohibiting licking walls, in order to protect salt blocks from destruction.

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UIA launches optimization program

International Airlines of Ukraine (UIA), Ukraine’s largest air carrier, has been suspending its air connection between Kiev and Beijing since mid-November. Also, from January 2020 UIA will stop operating its own scheduled flights between Kiev and Krakow. This is due to the need to optimize airline costs.

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International Airport "Kharkov" in the top!

The European Branch of the International Council of Airports (ACI Europe) has unveiled a rating of the top 5 air harbors serving up to 5 million passengers a year. More than 230 airports in Europe were analyzed. Kharkiv International Airport is among the top five.

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The increase in the number of trains on holidays

According to the press service of Ukr. 6 additional trains will be launched on the railway for the convenience of passengers on New Year and Christmas holidays: Kiev-Lviv, Kiev-Kovel, Pokrovsk-Kharkov, Lvov-Odessa, Lviv-Uzhgorod, Krivoy Rog-Kiev. Tickets for these trains can already be purchased online and at railway ticket offices.

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Government plans to launch school mobility program

According to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, in 2020, it is planned to launch a large-scale youth mobility program. 500 million hryvnias will be allocated for events that will help schoolchildren and students to better understand Ukraine, visit different parts of our country.

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Unusual zoo

On the South Island on the outskirts of Christchurch, there is an Oran zoo. This is one of the best and largest zoos in New Zealand. An open-air wildlife park covers an area of ​​80 ha. Its inhabitants are more than 70 species of various mammals, reptiles and birds. But the most unusual is the attraction for extreme sports. Only here the tourist can feel himself in the place of animals, being inside the cage around which formidable predators walk.

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Visa-free with Mongolia!

According to the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine signed an agreement on the mutual abolition of visas with Mongolia. Now, citizens of Ukraine can enter Mongolia without a visa for 90 days.

Now Ukraine has visa-free travel with 88 countries!

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Hurry up to the festival "Burning 2019" in Ternopol

According to the director of the Ternopil city tourist information center from 4 to 6 on October in the Taras Shevchenko park, the festival “Burning 2019” started.

The guests of the holiday are waiting for a parade of pets, competitions (a competition for the best pickles and pickles, a competition for the most delicious preservation according to a home recipe and many others), scarecrow burning, the first Ternopol beer mile, as well as free karaoke, photo zones, workshops and tastings. And the winners will receive original gifts.

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Visa-free for Ukrainians expands

According to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, an agreement on visa-free travel has been signed with Colombia. Previously, such an agreement was signed with the government of Northern Macedonia.

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Unusual entertainment for tourists

According to the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, a new opportunity for tourists opens up. Now lighthouses not only ensure the safety of sailors, but also become objects for visitors. Several cities have already provided such an opportunity. In Odessa, the Vorontsov lighthouse is open for visiting, in the Kherson region - Genichesky and Stanislav - Adzhigolsky Rear Lighthouses, and Nikolaev opened the Siversov Front Lighthouse.

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The popularity of Kherson region is growing

This year, almost 4 million tourists visited the Kherson region. Such a message was published on Facebook by the chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration. This figure exceeded last year by 1 million.

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Interesting caves of Ukraine

There are many unusual and beautiful caves in Ukraine. Here are some of the most spectacular:

- Khrustalnaya cave (Ternopil region, v. Krivche, the length is about 23 kilometers, at any time of the year the temperature in the cave is about 10 - 12 degrees)
- Atlantis cave (Khmelnitsky region, not far from the village of Zavale, a length of about 2,4 kilometers)
- Milk stone cave (Transcarpathian region, not far from the village of Bolshaya Ugolka, length about 92 meter)
- Verteba cave (Ternopil region, near the village of Bilche-Zolotoye, length about 8 kilometers)
- Mlynky cave (Ternopil region, village of Zalisya, the length is about 35 kilometers, at any time of the year the temperature in the cave is about 9,6 degrees)
- Cinderella Cave (Chernivtsi region, not far from the village of Podvornoe, length about 90 kilometers)
- Optimistic cave (Ternopil region, Korolevka village, over 210 kilometers long)

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Competitiveness of Ukrainian tourism

Over the past 2 years, the competitiveness of Ukraine in the tourism sector has been growing. The World Economic Forum, based on 15 factors, calculated the Tourism Industry Competitiveness Index. Having received 3,7 points from 7, Ukraine took the 78 place from 140, having risen in the rating by 10 positions.

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The growing popularity of Chernobyl

According to the press service of the State Agency of Ukraine, the Chernobyl exclusion zone is becoming increasingly popular. Almost 75 000 tourists visited the Chernobyl zone for the 8 months of the 2019 year. Chernobyl has an 21 visit route. Specialists of the Chernobyl zone are planning to open new water and air routes.

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Spectacular Festival of the Middle Ages

According to Turinform Zakarpattya information, on 28 September the Transcarpathian Museum of Architecture and Life will host the Silver Tatosh festival: the era of Drugs.

Plunge into the atmosphere of the 14 century will help outfits of that era, knightly tournaments, medieval dances and fun. Everyone can compete in the accuracy of archery. And the most worthy knights will be able to compete for the attention of beautiful ladies.

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Ukraine has the largest number of laurels

In Ukraine there are 3 Orthodox and 2 Greek Catholic laurels.

One of the most ancient and significant is the Holy Assumption Kiev Pechersk Lavra. In 1990, this unique monastery complex was included in the UNESCO list of monuments of world significance.

The most revered among the pilgrims is the Holy Assumption Pochaev Lavra.

One of the main shrines of eastern Ukraine is the Holy Assumption Svyatogorsk Lavra.

The spiritual center of Galicia is the Holy Assumption Unevskaya Lavra.

In the very center of Lviv is the St. Ivan Lavra.

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Ukraine is one of the leaders in air transportation

In 2019, Ukraine took the 2 place among the countries of Eastern Europe in the number of air passengers transported. Ukrainian airports served 10,7 million people for six months.

Airkraine sale

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The most delicious holiday is Derunov Day!

14 of September in Korosten will be held XI international festival of potato pancakes.

The guests of the holiday will enjoy entertainment, exhibitions, master classes and performances by creative teams. And most importantly, a variety of recipes for the preparation of the national Korosten dish - potato pancakes. Everyone will have the opportunity to determine the most delicious.

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10 the most tourist cities of Ukraine

The Zruchno.Travel portal presented the Top-10 cities of Ukraine - leaders in tourist traffic. It:

♦ Kamenets-Pololsky - city of festivals
♦ Chernihiv - the city of legends
♦ Zaporozhye - the capital of the Cossacks
♦ Lviv - the city of coffee and chocolate
♦ Lutsk - a city of underground labyrinths
♦ Ternopil - the land of castles
♦ Odessa - a city of humor
♦ Kharkov - a city of youth
♦ Uzhhorod - the city of winemaking
♦ Kiev - a city of architectural monuments

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Friendliest city

The tourist portal Big 7 Travel has compiled the Top-50 of the friendliest cities in the world. 1,5 million portal visitors rated cities according to various criteria: the attitude of local residents to travelers, openness to communication and willingness to help.

Canadian Vancouver topped the list. Kiev entered the Top 50 from Ukrainian cities, taking 45 place in the ranking of the friendliest cities in the world.


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Virtual travels around Smooth become possible!

According to the press service of the Rivne Regional State Administration, a project is being implemented to digitize information about tourist sites in the Rivne region.

The project provides for the digitization of information about tourist facilities, routes, objects of the tourist infrastructure of the region and the creation of 3D tours. Using the latest technology, we shot the most interesting tourist sites in the 360 ° panorama format, which gives the feeling of being directly at a location.

Already shot 190 panoramas of 38 tourist sites. In the future, it is planned to increase their number.

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TOP-11 of the best cities for traveling in Ukraine

According to CNN, this is how 11 of the best cities for traveling in Ukraine look like:
  1. Lviv
  2. Chernivtsi
  3. Sophievsky Park, Uman
  4. Kiev
  5. Mukachevo
  6. Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky
  7. Kharkiv
  8. Chernihiv
  9. Odessa
  10. Uzhgorod
  11. Kamenetz-Podolsk

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Sri Lanka canceled payment for a visa for Ukrainians

From August 1 to 2019, the Sri Lankan government canceled visa fees for citizens of 48 countries. From now on, Ukrainians can get a visa upon arrival at the airport (for up to 30 days) for free. Earlier, payment for a visa at the airport was approximately $ 40.

The duration of this decision is 6 months, after which the Government of Sri Lanka will evaluate the effectiveness of this program.

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