Fun festivities in Dikanka. Pancake week in Poltava


Poltava snacks. Wide Shrovetide in Poltava


May bouquet of Transcarpathia. Valley of daffodils - Uzhhorod - Mukachevo - Berehove


The beauty of pristine nature. Volyn + Belovezhskaya Pushcha


Roads of three eras. Volyn + Poland


Aroma of Transcarpathia. Mukachevo - Beregovo - Uzhhorod - Lumshory

Mukachevo - Beregovo - Uzhhorod - Lumshory

MEGA-tour to Truskavets! 7 days of rest in the Carpathians


Chernivtsi Christmas and a trip to Transylvania!


Embrace of the Middle Ages. New Year's Volhynia + Poland


European masterpiece. 5 days, 3 countries, 1000 impressions

Mukachevo - Debrecen - Eger - Valley of the Beauties - Oradea - Kosice

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