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01.10.2016 Changed prices for the New Year-Christmas tours. The early booking action continues!

After 1 October prices changed tours for the New Year and Christmas. The early booking action continues! Book your favorite tour until 15 October at the lowest price! The planned increase in prices before the end of November - on 5 - 10%. This year, tourists are waiting for the favorite tours in Yasinya-Bukovel, Lviv, Transcarpathia, which were replenished with new interesting accessories, as well as new items of this season - Chernivtsi, Kamenets-Podolsky and others. Think about the New Year holidays in advance!

24.09.2016 We will present a new excursion in English or French

Our long-standing dream came true - to make excursions around Kharkov in foreign languages ​​accessible and regular. And not just ordinary ekskursiya, but interactive, with questions, searching for answers, interesting tasks. So, we ask to love and please: Excursion in English or French." "Are you ready?

09.09.2016 New tour for individual tourists!

We are happy to inform you that in our arsenal of branded individual weekly tours around Ukraine from 2 a new beautiful tour has appeared - "Carpathian pleasure., Lviv-Truskavets-SPA". We hope that this tour will become as popular among tourists. Like all previous tours of this series - Gutsulka Carpathians, Lviv tasty, Kamenets-Podolsky cruise and others.

05.09.2016 2 free vouchers for Romantic Kharkov !!!

Playing 2 free places on the tour "Evening romantic Kharkov" from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"

⃣ Subscribe to Public Free Kharkov
⃣ Subscribe to the page Tour Operator Navigator Ukraine
⃣ Make a repost of this record.

12 September, among those who fulfilled the conditions, we will play a gift. Results of the contest by reference -

03.09.2016 CARPATES 2016-2017 is already on sale !!

Sale of traditional tours for the New Year and Christmas. This year, tourists are waiting for the favorite tours in Yasinya-Bukovel, Lviv, Transcarpathia, which were replenished with new interesting accessories, as well as new items of this season - Chernivtsi, Kamenets-Podolsky and others. Think about the New Year holidays in advance! Book your favorite tour until 1 October at the lowest price! The planned increase in prices to November - by 10%.

24.08.2016 Happy Independence Day!

The tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" congratulates everyone on the 25 anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine! We wish everyone peace, good, peace, hope, faith, determination, confidence, stability and prosperity! And we promise to do everything possible to bring the beauty of our land to millions of people around the world!

15.08.2016 New festivals!

And now a completely new festival! We invite you to the autumn Pechenizhe reservoir. Previously, there was a famous festival "Pecheniz'ke Pole". and this year will be I ethnographic festival "Pearls of Slobozhanshchina: Upper Saltov., Alan Sources".

8.08.2016 Airplane 2016!

We invite you to visit the already-traditional air festival on the airfield "Korotich" on the last summer weekend! We celebrate the Day of Aviation together with the flying club them. Grisdubovoy. You will find a terrific drive from contemplating the art of the best aces of the country, as well as a unique opportunity to be in the sky. See the tour program here.

3.08.2016 We hasten to share the glad tidings! is our community in VK Navigator Ukraine Overcame the bar in 10000 subscribers! Thank you for remaining loyal to us. We, in turn, promise to continue to please you with interesting tours, promotions, news and competitions. If you are not yet with us, join us!

21.07.2016 A week of rest is being played in the hotel "Peaceful Resort 3 *" with the passage from Kharkov for 2 people in September. Details of the action "Velvet Season in Odessa" can be found on our website. In Touch. Participate and win!

Congratulations on the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine. We hope together with the whole country for the supremacy of law, justice and democracy! And we are going to celebrate and have a rest!

27.06.2016 On the site is exposed schedule of tours in Ukraine on Independence Day. We are waiting for all comers! Join now!

25.06.2017 To all lovers of travel! Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" is playing a scratch-card of Ukraine in public "Free Ukraine". You can take part in the contest by this link.

Congratulations to the tourists "Navigator Ukraine", which 30 April was lucky to get under the action from the brand PRIME, they became owners of very adult gifts !!! Here, see the photo account of this event.

7.05.2016 2 free places for the bus tour from Kharkov "Sorochinskaya fair 2016., Oposhnya - Sorochintsy" are played out. The terms of the competition are available on our page.

22.04.2016 The winners of the 2 free passes to Odessa for the May holidays were determined. They were the family Julia and Eugene Kit from Kharkov. They together with the kid Danil will spend the May holidays in Odessa in the hotel "Peaceful resort 3 *", will get acquainted with the Odessa sights, will go on excursion to Belgorod-Dnestrovsky. Thank you for participating! Congratulations on your victory!

10.04.2016 Finally, we begin to realize our long-standing dream, develop a qualitatively new format of tourism - this is when we travel not to where, but why and why. The first modest attempts of such excursion routes we tried to reflect in our new rubric "Interactive Excursions of the New Generation". Learn! Order it! Become pioneers!

04.04.2016 Attention!!! New spring competition in the project "Free Kharkov"!! We invite all Vkontakte users to participate in our next contest!
Played 2 free space on May 3-day tour to Odessa with the railway pass from Kharkov! Details of the contest, see our FaceBook group!! The drawing will take place on 20 April.

03.04.2016 With 2.04 prices for Summer Holidays 2016 and the stock of early booking for May tours. There are still places on all tours!

Ukraine, despite the difficult political situation, is slowly returning to normal everyday life. Here and from the Odessa City Department of Culture, the joyous news came: in 2016, after a two-year break, the traditional festival of humor is resumed. "Yumorin" 2016 in Odessa will be held from 1 on 3 April. There will be many open-air projects on Deribasovskaya Street, Primorsky Boulevard and the City Garden, but the carnival procession was decided not to be held. On the same days, the already popular international festival of clowns and mimes "Comedias" will take place in Odessa.

It is interesting that the first "Yumorina" in Odessa was held in 1973 year. In 1976, it was banned by the authorities of Soviet Ukraine. The festival of laughter resumed at the end of 1980. In 2014, "Humorina" was canceled in connection with 40-day mourning, announced by Heroes of Heavenly Hundreds, in 2015 year - in connection with military operations in the east of the country. Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" invites to Odessa to Yumorin individual tourists и organized groups. Well, hello, Yumorin 2016!

08.03.2016 Congratulations to all the gentle, warm, sweet, flowery half of humanity with the holiday of spring and love. Let your hearts always be filled with the scent of flowering gardens and ripe berries! Thank you for everything! We love you!

05.03.2016 On our site there is a new heading "Event tourism". Now we will always try to keep you informed of all the significant events in Ukraine - festivals, festivals, fairs, etc. "interestingness."

20.02.2016 Sale of summer vacation is open! Odessa and Zatoka 2016. Full Tour Packages with a railway passage from Kharkov, and also daily living and arrivals for tourists from other cities and on their machines.

18.02.2016 To all wishing to have a rest at resorts of the world! Watch out for burning tours, as well as for current proposals for early booking in the new sections on our site!

15.02.2016 The sale of vouchers to children's and student camps for the summer of 2016 year is opening. This year, we recommend first and foremost a magnificent, excellently proven last year camp "Sunny Beach" on the Black Sea in Sergeevka, camp "Tisa" in the Carpathians, and so on camps in Ukraine and Europe. Vouchers are designed for both group customers and individual tourists. Call us! Write! In the camps, manager Kirill Olenko specializes - This e-mail address is protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view.

We announce the opening of the sale tours for May holidays, which this year coincide with the celebration of the bright Christ Resurrection! You are waiting for traditional tours to Lviv, where you can take part in the ethnographic festival "Velika Gaivka", celebrate the Day of the City and Day of the Bater; Transcarpathia with cherry blossoms and the Valley of the Daffodils; Kiev with an exhibition of tulips on the Singing Field; Chernivtsi and Kamenets-Podolsky; Poltava and the festival "Buzkovy Gai"; Uman and Buk canyon; Odessa and the Black Sea; Zaporozhye and the island of Khortitsa; And that is not all!

4.02.2016 Our site is finally replenished with modern system of search and booking of air tickets Worldwide. Come, find the best option for yourself and book! Easier than simple!

30.01.2016 Travel operator "Navigator Ukraine" announces contest for our tourists for the best video!

Terms of the contest are simple: you need to remove the original video when you visit our tour or tour.

The winners will be the authors of 3-x videos that will gain the most views on YouTube!

The competition is held during the period from 30 January 2016 on 15 May 2016

Prizes to winners:

1 place - 1500 грн.
2 place - 1000 грн.
3 place - 500 грн.

All the details, rules and conditions of the contest here. Good luck and victory!

24.01.2016 Compilation tours to 8 March appeared on the site. We invite you to celebrate the spring and love festival in Lviv, Kamenetz-Podolsky, Transcarpathia, and also on the Black Sea in Odessa! Well, Maslenitsa just falls on 8 March !!

20.01.2016 We invite everyone to meet Shrovetide with us! The tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" has prepared a whole series of excursion and entertainment tours timed to this cheerful generous public holiday.

16.01.2016 And here's another video report about tour for Christmas in the Western Podolia. Our beloved, the most beautiful Ukraine in the world in Christmas decoration!

15.01.2016 After a short vacation, start a new season and build grandiose plans. All the tours are organized in Lviv, in the near future we promise to arrange tours to Transcarpathia, Odessa, excursions to Shrovetide, to complement the proposals for Valentine's Day and 8 March. Watch the site!

Published in social networks and on You Tube video from the excursion 6 gymnasium in Nestorenki caused increased interest and scored a lot of views and likes on the Internet. Very touching .... Children are the flowers of Ukraine!

Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" congratulates all the people of the world with the coming New Year 2016! It will be a year of peace, good, happiness, prosperity, prosperity and love! We wish everyone to live this year fully and beautifully!

18.12 Attention! We will sell the remains of railway tickets in the Western direction for the New Year-Christmas period. You can see the availability of tickets by following the link - sale of train tickets

5.11 Playing 2 free seats on the tour "Evenings on the farm. New Year's program for children and adults". More about the competition in the group "Free Kharkov".

28.10 And one more new tour of native Ukraine! Once again, Poltava continues to surprise. On the territory of modern Europe there are several pyramids, and two of them are in the Poltava region. To one of them - to the village of Komendantovka - we opened an excursion route "Sacred Ukraine: Monasteries and Pyramids"

19.10 We want to please connoisseurs of beauty, history and culture of Slobozhanshchina. The tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" has finally reached Lower Ozeran and offers a very interesting novelty - excursion "Ozyoryanskaya deserts" with a visit to the Ozeryansky Church of the Mother of God, a holy spring, a bath with holy water, a museum-estate of Slobozhansky life, a theatrical wedding of Slobozhansky and all sorts of master classes, outdoor recreation and entertainment.

17.10 On You Tube there was another video about our popular tours to Lviv for the New Year and Christmas - New Year's fairy tale of Lviv и Christmas fairy tale of Lviv. For those who like to celebrate holidays at home - a short tour to Lviv between the New Year and Christmas - Winter fairy tale of Lviv. Reservations are already in full swing !. Waiting for you!

10.10 On You Tube there is a new video promoting New Year и Christmas tours in Transcarpathia - "REQUEST TO ZAKARPATTY IN THE NEW RIK TA RISDVO". Watch and travel with "Navigator Ukraine"!

In 08.10 The contact appeared review page our tourists. Dear tourists! We will be grateful for your objective feedback about our work.

03.10 "Prepare skiing in the autumn: where it is interesting and inexpensive to relax in the Carpathians" - read on the website "X1 Kharkov One"

01.10 Since 1 October on the site new prices for our New Year and Christmas tours in the Carpathians, Transcarpathia, Lviv, Kamenets-Podolsky. Current prices will be valid until 1.11.2015. Hurry up to book, sign a contract and make an advance payment before November 1!

27.09 Congratulations to all involved in this with the Day of Tourism! And since everyone is involved in tourism in one way or another, because every once in a lifetime was on some kind of excursion, looked in some museum, went somewhere on the train or on a bus or just wandered somewhere in the endless fields- then we congratulate all the inhabitants of Kharkov, Ukraine and the whole planet with this wonderful holiday! Hooray!

26.09 Another report on You Tube about a wonderful excursion to Babaia and Skovorodinovka, dedicated to the outstanding Ukrainian poet, writer, philosopher, one of the most famous Ukrainians in the world - GS. Frying pan -

26.09 So unexpectedly we were pleased with the students of 109 school and their class teacher Bondarenko N.I. - The words of gratitude are always pleasant. Thank you very much!

20.09.2015 You have a video posted on the You Tube, which advertises a tour to the Carpathians "Christmas Tisa" - We invite you to the New Year and Christmas in the Carpathians !!

19.09.2015 Here are the results of the contest for drawing two free passes for the Weekend in Lviv from the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine"! The winner was Katerina Gerasimenko. We congratulate the winner and invite everyone who was not so lucky to try his luck next time.

13.09.2015 Watch a video on You Tube, dedicated to the tour "Carpathians from Kharkov. New Year's Tisa" -

6.09.2015 Information for collective customers and connoisseurs of printed matter: a new booklet of excursions and tours 2015-2016 "Pricelist in Ukraine! Цінуй найрідніше!" you can not only get in our office (as a gift - a cup of natural coffee!), but also order by mail (we'll send free of charge to any part of the Kharkov region and Ukraine), and also download here on our site -

3.09.2015 The sale is open tours for the New Year and Christmas to Western Ukraine from Kharkov. This year, the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" will spoil tourists both with traditional beloved tours, and with completely new unique destinations. Among the novelties is the "Smart Hutsulshchina" tour with accommodation in Kosova, "Magic Podillya" with accommodation in Ternopil and excursion to Kamenets-Podolsky, as well as Relax tour to Berehove with the opportunity to relax and soak up the thermal resorts of Transcarpathia.

2.09.2015 Tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" announces the start of the annual autumn campaign for teachers - fans of excursions and travel. We invite everyone to cooperate. We have prepared for you many new sightseeing routes, objects, surprises. Find out the details of the action from the managers of the tour operator.

1.09.2015 Congratulations to all the children, parents and, of course, teachers on the Day of Knowledge and the First Bell Holiday! Let this academic year be productive, successful, peaceful and calm. Let the children learn well, and teachers receive a decent salary for their difficult and wonderful work!

24.08.2015 On the occasion of Independence Day, the tour operator "Navigator Ukraine" plays a free ticket for two "Weekend in Lviv". The conditions of the action can be found here - The drawing will take place on 19 September. Hurry!

24.08.2015 Congratulations to all Ukrainians on Independence Day! Together we will make Ukraine the most beautiful, rich and happy nation in the world! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to her beautiful people!

18.08.2015 2 vouchers for the Sorochinskaya fair were won by Victoria Panchenko. Congratulations and invite her on an excursion 23 August!

16.08.2015 By the Day of Independence of Ukraine our new booklet with unambiguous title "More expensive for Ukraine! Цінуй найрідніше!". The epigraph to him and all our creativity (and we regard our work as such) perfectly fit the lines of the brilliant Lina Kostenko:

Buvaє, an hour slipnu vіd beautiful.

I'll go to sleep, do not fuss, I'll die for a miracle, -

Otsi steppes, the sky, tsi lisi,

The mustache is so clean, clean, ungodly.

Усе як є - road, yavor,

Усе моє, everything is called - Україна.

Such beauty, Visoka and Netlina,

Що хоч спинись і з God speak.

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