Hot air balloon flight in Kharkov

New! Hot air balloon flight in Kharkov
Private hot air balloon flight. Flights in the city take place at an altitude of about 300 meters. It can be higher, but it will be difficult to see Kharkov outside the basket.
For those who appreciate the fullness of life, we offer a unique opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon near Kharkov. Planning over picturesque places, we provide a chance to contemplate the beauty of the landscapes from a bird's eye view, to feel the real possibilities of classic air transport, as unforgettable and romantic as a hot air balloon.

Individual balloon flight near Kharkov


Ukraine, Valkovsky district


Kharkiv - Valkovsky district - Kharkiv

Season of rest

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Duration of the tour

60-90 minutes of flight



Type of tour


Excursion program

Description of a personal balloon flight in Kharkov. 
An individual flight near Kharkov takes place over clean lakes, green forests and meadows, cozy villages, and the wide expanses of nature will be remembered for future years and will become one of the best memories. The first flight will be an occasion to tell stories to its guests by the cozy fireplace. Only you and the pilot will be in the basket of the flying ball. Our pilots are real aces of aeronautics, they have international licenses. We are organized and efficient, we care and appreciate every balloonist, and our team is friendly and responsible.
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Just 40 km away from the "first capital" you will find the picturesque Valkovsky district, where a hot air balloon will rise into the air to the height of a flying falcon's wing. You will feel the purest oxygen filling your lungs, and the panoramic view will delight. You can capture what you see on video and photos, and later frame amazing pictures.
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The balloon is absolutely safe and is one of the most reliable aircraft - the balloon takes off and lands softly, you are fully protected in the basket, so, without hesitation, make your dreams come true! Here, on our website, you can easily find contact numbers, and our operators will explain in detail the program of the event - you just have to arrive at the meeting point. We care about you and will give 100% to please our guests!

The cost per person in UAH.

Individual balloon flight near Kharkov
2 people  10 000 UAH
3 person 12 500 UAH
4 person 14 500 UAH
* Transfer for an individual flight near Kharkov means the delivery of up to two people who want to fly to the starting point and back by our team's transport from Kharkov. If there are more than two people willing, you must additionally order a car. ** 60-90 minutes of flight is approximate time. Flight duration depends on wind speed, takeoff and landing locations.


Transfer, 60-90 minutes of flight, rite of passage into balloonists, champagne after the flight, presentation of credentials.


If in the process of choosing a flight option for yourself or for a gift you have any questions, look at this list: perhaps the answers lie in it. If not, ask a question to our representative.

When are hot air balloon flights?
They fly in a hot air balloon either at dawn or before sunset. Tethered flights take place without reference to the time of day.
How far in advance do you need to arrange a flight?
It is advisable to make an agreement as soon as you have chosen suitable flight dates for you, so that you can track the weather and choose a day with a favorable forecast.
What weather can you fly in a hot air balloon?
In order for the flight to take place, it is necessary that there is no strong wind and precipitation in the form of rain or snow.
What to wear when flying?
You don't have to dress like the North Pole: so high that you can feel the difference in temperature, you will not be lifted. The air temperature changes by 6 degrees with each kilometer of altitude, i.e., if the surface of the Earth is +20, at an altitude of one kilometer it will be +14, and at a normal flight altitude of several hundred meters, the temperature change is not felt. In addition, during the flight, you do not feel the wind, since the ball (well, you too, where to put you) moves with it. In summer, dew falls in the mornings, so don't wear open sandals, slippers and sandals. Girls are unlikely to be comfortable on a freshly plowed field in high-heeled shoes or stiletto heels. Therefore, the optimal footwear for flying is sports and indoor, for example, sneakers.
How long is the flight?
The flight itself will last 45-60 minutes. But since before taking off, you should choose a launch site, raise a hot air balloon into the air, assemble a balloon on landing and conduct a ballooning ceremony for those who first took off in a balloon, then in total this event will take you 2- 3 hours of time.
Will the balloon land where it took off?
A hot air balloon flies where the wind is blowing, it cannot fly against the wind, therefore, during free flight, the landing with the launch site does not coincide, at least in our latitudes.
It's safe?
According to statistics, balloons are the safest means of overcoming space existing today. In addition, an experienced pilot will be in the basket with you, who will make every effort and knowledge to make the flight interesting and safe for you!


If you want to order one or more options for a hot air balloon flight, just copy it into the order comment field during checkout, or inform the operator.
A bouquet of flowers in a basket - from 200 UAH.
Champagne and glasses in the basket - from 100 UAH.
Bouquet of flowers in a basket: the price is given as an example for a medium sized bouquet You can choose a bouquet based on your wishes, season and taste.
Champagne and glasses in the basket: the price is for Ukrainian champagne. Can be replaced with a specific brand of your choice.

Please note that hot air balloon flights take place either in the morning (within two hours after dawn) or in the evening (an hour or two before sunset) in dry weather and wind up to 4 meters per second inclusive. Therefore, the start time depends on the time of sunrise and sunset in the flight area for a specific date, and it is appointed by the pilot, based on a number of parameters. So the weather forecast is very important, but it is not the only parameter for making a flight decision.

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