Koblevo from Kharkov. Hotel "Valen Park"


Azov from Kharkov. Base of rest "Striped flight"


Odessa from Kharkov. Hotel "Orange 3 *"


Koblevo. Hotel "De La Vita"


Azov from Kharkov. The resort complex "The Seagull"


Poltava dumpling and ... not only. Poltava - Abazovka

Abazovka - Poltava - Reshetilovka - Machuhi

Koblevo from Kharkov. Hotel "De La Vita"


Corporate party on the Black Sea. iron Port

Odessa - Kherson - Iron Port - Black Sea

Corporate holidays in Azov. Primorsk

Kharkov - Primorsk - Upholstery spit

Corporate holidays in Azov. Berdyansk

Kharkov - Berdyansk

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