In the Kingdom of the Lion. 5 days in Lviv

Guaranteed weekly tour to Lviv from 2 people!

the beginning of the tour - on Wednesdays in Lviv

We invite those who want to learn Lviv all without a trace, in the 5-day megatore in the capital of Galicia! Prefabricated tour to Lviv for individual tourists from Wednesday to Sunday! Lviv is waiting for you! Although to learn it without a trace still does not work and for 5 days .....

Make your choice in favor of this tour, and you will receive in return:

- one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe - the Lviv Opera;

- tasting of the exclusive varieties of Lviv beer;

- National Park "Skolivskie Beskydy";

- cascading waterfall Kamenka;

- Lviv with the aroma of coffee and Lviv Austrian crown;

- a museum under the open sky, a museum-cemetery and a museum Apteku;

- the castles of Lviv, the Carpathians and the Golden Horseshoe.

If you go to Lviv, then see everything and try everything! Lviv is medieval, Lviv is Austrian, Lviv is modern! The city of Lviv brews coffee for you and waits for a visit!


Lviv - Tustan - Kamenka - Olesko - Pidgircy - Zolochiv

Duration of the tour

5 days


hotels in Lviv to choose from (see the price table below)


4 breakfasts at the hotel



Type of tour


Excursion program

1 day Wednesday
Arrival to Lviv by train from your city (check the optimal travel options with our managers).
Meeting at the station, transfer to the hotel, check-in (according to the estimated time).

Walking tour "Streets of the old  Of Lviv". Ancient buildings, cathedrals, parks, fortifications. A unique medieval part of the city, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List: Market Square, Latin catheld, the church of Boim, the bell tower of Kornyakt, Dominican Cathedral... Fascinating stories about the famous people who created the history of Lviv, tales, legends, historical curiosities. Unique corners of ancient Lviv - Italian and Armenian courtyards.

ploshy rinik dominikan sobor

Optional thematic excursion "Pearl of Lviv - Opera theatre"* (200 UAH per person) The Opera House is the decoration of the city, one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. The interiors of the theater, an auditorium in the form of a Lyra with balconies, decorated with stucco and gilding. Luxurious mirrored foyer with Venetian mirrors.

Uzor NU
2 day thursday   Breakfast.

Country tour "Golden Horseshoe Locks". Zolochiv Castle, built on the model of the citadel, a palace in the Renaissance style, one of the three Chinese palaces in Europe. Olesky Castle - the fortress of the XIV century, in which the Polish King Jan Sobieski was born and spent his childhood Bogdan Khmelnytsky, a wonderful example of defensive architecture. Pidhirtsi castle - Palazzo of the XVI century, "Polish Versailles", the family castle of Zhevuski, one of the most famous in Ukraine.
Oleskii zamok zolochevsk zamok

Return to Lviv. Free time in the city center. And it's time to get acquainted with Lviv coffee houses ("Zukernya", "Veronika", "Coffee Manufactory", "Na Bambetle" and others) and with author Kneipps ("Kumpel", "Kryivka", "Legend House", "Meat and Justice" and etc
Uzor NU
3 day Friday  Breakfast.

Sightseeing bus tour of the city - an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with historical monuments, with a variety of architectural styles of Lviv: the Church of St. Elizabeth, Cathedral of St. Jura, Lviv Polytechnic University, Potocki Palace and much more. Visiting the museum in the open air - Lychakiv Cemetery or the open-air museum of folk architecture and life "Shevchenko's Guy". Panorama of the city with High Castle - the birthplace of Lviv.

v zamok visok zamok
sobor sv yura likochavscoen cladb

Optional excursion "Lviv, beer and batyrs" * (400 UAH per person). Plunge into the unforgettable Lviv atmosphere of fun and festivities. The history of Lviv brewing, process features and numerous types of beer. Why did they popularize vodka and wine, but not beer? What did the Jesuits cook? How love for beer in Lviv gave birth to love for a woman? Stories about the famous Lviv revelers and hooligans - "batyars", sculptures of five Lviv "batyariks" and the Chief Brovary. Excursion to the Stargorod mini-brewery: the birth of real beer before your eyes, beer cellars, tasting of 3 varieties of exclusive beer.

pivzozod1 pivzozod2

You can visit the view Lviv Opera.
Uzor NU
4 day Saturday Breakfast. Free day.

Optional out-of-town excursion "Carpathian legends" * (450 UAH per person). Fortress Tustan played an important role in the past, was a customs checkpoint on the Salt Road. Near Tustani in the XIII century, there was a border between Hungary and Galicia - Volyn principality. Climbing on the cliffs of tourists offers an amazing view of the Carpathians. Waterfall Kamenka  in the National Natural Park "Skolivsky Beskydy" - a miracle of nature, representing a cascade of waterfalls more than 7 meters.
1611932 897 2

Optional evening thematic excursion "Night vart of Lviv" * (250 number of people) ... If you suddenly can't sleep at night, look out the window and you will see people with lanterns. Do not be alarmed !! These are the Burgomaster's assistants - they simply protect your sleep ... When dusk falls towards evening in Lviv, and secrets begin to burst in the dark nooks, the night Burgomaster, Pan Schlussel, comes out onto the streets, surrounded by faithful assistants. He monitors the peace of the inhabitants of the city on the light side and looks for intruders on the dark side. Unexpected meetings, eerie legends, ghosts, mysterious rituals - all this awaits you during your night travel. If you are not afraid to become Pan Schlussel's assistants - join us!

nichna varta nichna varta 2
Uzor NU
5 day Sunday Breakfast. Eviction from the hotel to 12-00 (leave things in the hotel's storage room). 

Thematic tour "Lviv of the Austrian Crown". Lviv times 150-year rule of the Austrian emperors who expanded the city, enriched it with new architectural buildings and neighborhoods: Opera theatre, Prospekt Svobody, University of. And Franco (the former Galician Seimas), the House of Scholars (the Gentry Casino), the Palace of Justice, the first city park in Ukraine, the Austrian Citadel Mountain, the museum of one book "The Mermaid Dnistrov," Lvov Scientific Library named after. Stefanika, Potocki Palace, Lviv Philharmonic Society, etc.
Recommend that you visit Arsenal Weapons Museum, Mail Museum.

Optional excursion "Lviv with the aroma of coffee" * (350 UAH per person)... Open your heart and all five senses for coffee! We go to meet emotions in "Lviv Coffe Mine»! Legends and stories about the origin of this noble drink, coffee sorts, ways of brewing and coffee traditions. Immerse yourself in the world of sensuality and pleasure, each your feeling will be spurred on and involved! And of course, tasting fragrant coffee and guessing on the coffee grounds!

majsternya shokoladu kramnitsya lvivska kopalnya kavy

Optional thematic excursion "Shevchenkovskiy gai" * (200 UAH per person). Shevchenkovsky gai - this is the Skansen, a museum of folk architecture and everyday life in the open air, where authentic buildings from Ukrainian villages have been transported. Going to Guy, you first get to the real Boykovo village: the old huts are covered with straw and tiles, a school next to the Singing Field, a small zoo and stakes. Also in the museum is the folk architecture of Lemkovshchina, Hutsulshchyna, Volhynia, Bukovina, Podillya and Polissya. 

8918 800x600 bg 92103964 osnny shevchenkvskiy gay m lvv 700x400

Free time. Self-service transfer to the train station. 
Departure from Lviv by train to your city (check with our managers for the optimal travel options).
Uzor NU


from 2 people

The cost per person in UAH.

Hotel category / travel location
price per round
without train*
"economy-far center", hotels 2-3 *
("Irena", "Etna", etc.)
far center
(station area)
"economy center", hotels 2-3 *
("Old Krakow", "Prestige", "Cisar", etc.)
Centre 5600

"standard-center", hotels 3 *, 3 * +
(Eurohotel"," Georges "," Art-Modern "," Lviv ", etc.)

Centre 7300

Children up to 12 years on the main place - discount 300 UAH.
Children up to 12 years on an additional place - discount 600 UAH.

* Additionally, it is possible to order railway tickets from your city for this tour! 
You can clarify the optimal travel option and ticket prices with our managers.


  • accommodation in a selected hotel in Lviv for 4 nights;
  • 4 breakfasts at the hotel;
  • excursion service (3 excursions in Lviv, excursion to the castles of Lviv region);
  • transfer station - hotel;
  • curation of tourists by the operator's representative;
  • city ​​map;
  • insurance.


  • The tour is designed for individual tourists from 2 people.
  • For group customers, a tour can be ordered any day. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group
  • Additionally paid: optional excursions, tastings, entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects.
  • Entrance tickets for the planned program: only about 250 UAH / adult. (objects in Lviv + locks) - are paid on the spot.
  • Attention! To guarantee to get on optional excursions, you need to book and pay for them when booking a tour.
  • The tour price is calculated for standard 2-local numbers. Specify the availability of hotels and the cost of the tour before booking.
  • The company reserves the right to change the sequence of excursions, the hotel and replace them with equivalent ones.
  • The tour can be adjusted for any date, for any number of days, calculated for a specific order.

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