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Did you get free days? Unbearably tired of work? Life zael? Then you in Odessa - the legendary city on your favorite Black Sea! Odessa from Kharkov - every weekend!

What you can do in Odessa in 3 days:

- see all the sights;
- get sunburned on golden sandy beaches;
- buy something unnecessary at Privoz;
- get into some awkward situation;
- to throw a coin into the sea .....

In the end, to say: "Well, but not enough!"

And we will answer you: "Come to Odessa now, again and always!"


Ukraine, Odessa


Kharkov - Odessa - Kharkov

Season of rest

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Resort Features

Odessans - cheerful and welcoming people, so in this city you will always feel like a welcome guest. You will not only be amazed at the amount of entertainment offered by South Palmyra, but also will be pleasantly surprised by the Europeanization of this seaside city. Who would have thought that Odessa would give odds to many popular European resorts? It is no coincidence that this city has become a favorite vacation spot for even the most capricious and selective. Well, young people, who have long chosen Odessa, find here everything they need for memorable summer vacations.

Duration of the tour

3 day


Hotel "Orange 3 *" built in 2016 and is located in the very center of Odessa in a quiet, cozy green lane. Near the hotel there are many places of recreation and entertainment, the Black Sea coast and a park. The nearest beach Lanzheron is just 15 minutes walk!

otel 2 otel 3

Hotel guests have the opportunity to both feel the active rhythm of the city, immerse themselves in the atmosphere of celebration and fun, and enjoy solitude and peace /
Orange Hotel has 28 comfortable rooms of various categories. Each room is equipped with an electronic lock system, mini-safe, minibar, satellite TV. The hotel has a free Wi-Fi zone. There is also a bike rental service.

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Classic RoomA small room with an area of ​​15 m2, in which everything is thought out in order to make your stay the most cozy and comfortable.

In the room: comfortable double bed or two twin beds, Wi-Fi, Air conditioning, Minibar, Mini-safe, Electric kettle, Plasma TV (32 ") and IP TV, Landline telephone, Work desk, Bathroom (with shower), Slippers, mini perfumes, set of towels.

At your request, a hairdryer, ironing board and iron can be brought into the room.

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Breakfast (buffet) is included in the tour price.

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Type of tour



Odessa Is a port city, a resort city that welcomed adventurous and talented migrants from France, Italy and the rest of Europe with open arms. Their creative activity today is reflected in the architectural outlines of Odessa. Here, every street and house has its own special family history - sometimes intriguing, funny, and sometimes completely sad. The combination of the magnificent sea air, the sunny Black Sea coastline and the amazing hospitality of the locals make Odessa a popular vacation destination. During the summer months, the city is filled with colorful, cheerful masses of tourists. People stroll along the embankments until the morning and enjoy the romantic sounds of the surf, sunbathe on the beaches and enjoy visiting the historical sites of Odessa.
1. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater Odessa became the third city in the Russian Empire, where a theater appeared. The first building was built in 1810, but after several decades it burned down. The next one appeared at the end of the XNUMXth century and is still working. The building was erected in the Viennese Baroque style; the auditorium, unique in acoustics, is decorated with elements of the French Baroque.
2. Monument to Duke de Richelieu In the 1828th century, the Duke de Richelieu emigrated to the Russian Empire due to the events of the French Revolution, and for some time served as governor of Odessa. He is considered one of the founders of Odessa. The monument was opened in XNUMX at the initiative of the current mayor, Count Langeron. F. Boffo and I. Martos worked on the sculpture. The monument adorns the Primorsky Boulevard of Odessa.
3. The Potemkin Stairs The staircase existed even before the appearance of Odessa and led to the top of the hill where the Turkish fortress stood. After the territory was ceded to the Russian Empire, the staircase was reconstructed under the supervision of the architect F. Boffo. During the last restoration in 1933, some areas were asphalted, the parapets were tiled in pink granite, and the staircase lost 8 steps.
4. Deribasovskaya street One of the central streets of Odessa, a popular city attraction. It was originally named in honor of Admiral Jose de Ribas, who participated in the construction of the Odessa port. The street is a cobblestone road that gradually descends to the sea. On Deribasovskaya, mainly buildings of the XNUMXth century prevail. There are various monuments in the squares and on the sidewalks.
5. Primorsky Boulevard One of the most picturesque streets of Odessa, a favorite place for meddling of townspeople and tourists. The alley is planted with chestnuts, maples, plane trees and lime trees, which gives it a romantic "landscape" look. Primorsky Boulevard is built up with buildings in the style of the Italian Renaissance and Classicism. They spoil the look of the buildings of the Soviet period a little. The street is the front facade of Odessa and looks very good from the sea.
6. Vorontsov Palace The residence of the Governor-General M. Vorontsov, built in 1834. The building was severely damaged during the Crimean War. The shelling of the Anglo-French squadron turned it into ruins. Subsequently, the palace was restored and continued to be used as a governor's residence, later a male gymnasium was opened on its territory. In Soviet times, it served as a center for children's creativity and education.
7. Shah's palace A neo-Gothic mansion on Gogol Street, named "Shah's Palace" for the reason that the Persian Shah Muhammad Ali once stayed here. The ruler fled to Odessa after the revolutionary events in Iran. The mansion is a building of the mid-XNUMXth century, erected for the Polish aristocrat Z. Brzhozovsky. Now the office of a private company is located on its territory.
8. Transfiguration Cathedral Vowel Orthodox Cathedral of Odessa. At the beginning of the 9th century, it was the largest Orthodox church in the Russian Empire. Up to 1936 thousand people could attend the service at the same time. The remains of M. Vorontsov and his wife were buried here. In 2000, the building was blown up by the decision of the Soviet authorities. The cathedral was completely restored in the XNUMXs, and the remains of the Vorontsov family were returned to their original place.
9. Holy Assumption Monastery The monastery grew out of the bishop's courtyard of the early 1922th century. In 1944, the Soviet government decided to confiscate property and blow up churches, but the monastery still continued to exist, although representatives of the schismatic movement settled on its territory. In 1946, the monastery was completely revived; since XNUMX, the summer residence of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church has been located here.
10. Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art The museum was founded in 1923 and was based on exhibits from private collections. Later, the museum funds were replenished at the expense of the Kiev Museum of Western and Eastern Art and the St. Petersburg State Hermitage. Today it is considered one of the largest art collections in Ukraine. The art of the countries of the East, Western Europe and the ancient historical period is presented here.
11. Odessa Art Museum The exposition is located in the Potocki Palace - an architectural monument of the 1899th century in the classical style. The museum was opened in XNUMX thanks to the activities of the Odessa Society of Fine Arts. The first exhibits were transferred from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Now the museum funds contain icons, paintings, graphics, collections of decorative and applied art.
12. Archaeological Museum The museum appeared in 1825 on the basis of a private collection. It houses the largest collection of archaeological artifacts of the ancient culture of the Northern Black Sea region. The funds also contain exhibits from Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome. Collections of items made of precious metals, ornaments from the burial grounds of the Scythians and Sarmatians, and luxury items recovered from the burial mounds of nomads are especially interesting.
13. House wall A house on Primorsky Boulevard with a rather interesting architectural structure. If you look at it from a certain angle, it will seem as if the structure has no side walls. This effect was achieved thanks to the triangular layout of the building (this trick was implemented due to a lack of funds for construction). Local residents nicknamed the building "Witch's House".
14. Falz-Fein House The building is recognized as one of the most picturesque in Odessa and the most successful creation of the architect L. Vlodek. The facade of the building is decorated with figures of two Atlanteans carrying the vault of heaven on their shoulders. These figures are not bas-reliefs, they constitute an independent sculptural group. Before the revolution, the building belonged to the Falz-Fein family - honorary citizens of Odessa.
15. Passage An architectural monument of the XIX-XX centuries, which is located at the intersection of Preobrazhenskaya and Deribasovskaya streets. The complex houses a hotel and shopping arcade. The roof of the building is decorated with a real steam locomotive. The interior space of the Passage resembles the interiors of the Moscow GUM. Before the Revolution of 1917, the most prestigious and expensive shops in Odessa were located here.
16. Hotel Bolshaya Moskovskaya The hotel was built during the "hotel boom" at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, when apartment buildings were being built in large numbers. Every trading company with free capital sought to invest in the construction of the next hotel. "Bolshaya Moskovskaya" was built with funds from the firm "Dementyev and Co" This luxurious Art Nouveau building has become one of the most popular Odessa hotels.
17. Hotel Bristol Historical hotel of the late 5th century (2002 stars according to modern classification). The building was erected according to the design of A. Minkus and A. Bernardazzi. After the completion of the construction, "Bristol" immediately gained fame as the most luxurious hotel in Odessa. In the period from 2010 to XNUMX. the building was closed for renovation. As a result of the restoration work, the historical appearance of the XNUMXth century was completely restored.
18. Odessa catacombs A system of underground tunnels and labyrinths, the total length of which is approximately 2500 km. The catacombs arose with the beginning of the construction of the city in the XNUMXth century. Previously, there were quarries here, where limestone was mined. Odessa catacombs are considered the most complex, longest and most mysterious in the world. Until now, many sections of the underground passages have not been fully explored.
19. Mother-in-law's bridge A pedestrian bridge that connects Zhvanetsky Boulevard and Primorsky Boulevard. The name "Mother-in-law's Bridge" was invented by the townspeople. In Soviet times, there was a legend that the passage was built specifically for the first secretary of the Odessa Regional Committee, so that it would be easier for him to get to visit his mother-in-law through the ravine. In this place, newlyweds traditionally hang iron locks, symbolizing strong marriage bonds.
20. Market "Privoz" The history of the market is inextricably linked with the history of the development of trade in Odessa. The marketplace was established in 1827. Here they mainly traded in imported goods, which is why the market has such a name. In the early 2000s. a general reconstruction was carried out. As a result, office buildings and modern shopping centers appeared on the territory of Privoz.
21. Shevchenko park City amusement park equipped according to the latest technological advances in this field. There is entertainment for both the youngest children and their adult parents. Visitors are amused by clowns, cartoon characters and other fabulous creatures. The park features roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, fun mazes and many types of carousels.
22. City Garden City park, where in the past the stormy life of Odessa society was in full swing. The garden was founded by Felix de Ribas at the beginning of the 2007th century. On the territory there are a music pavilion, the Summer Theater, several monuments and sculptures, a fountain. The city garden was renovated and reconstructed in XNUMX. The park continues to play the role of a favorite place for relaxation and walking.
23. Odessa city dolphinarium Dolphinarium "Nemo" is located near the beach "Lanzheron", it was opened in 2005. This is a multifunctional entertainment complex, which includes: an oceanarium, a hotel, a chain of restaurants, beaches, and a dolphin therapy center. Nemo constantly hosts exciting dolphin shows and romantic night shows. Visitors can also swim with these amazing animals.
24. Arcadia The resort area in Odessa, located within the Primorsky district. Arcadia is the very center of the city's vacation life. There are countless restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and walking streets here. The local beach is the most convenient in Odessa, as there is a natural gentle descent to it. In high season, life in Arcadia is in full swing around the clock, noisy streets do not stop for a minute.
25. Monument to the sailor's wife The memorial depicts a beautiful young woman with a child in her arms. It was erected on the Odessa embankment in memory of the sailors who did not return from the battles. The monument was erected in 2002 on the territory of the Odessa port. Quite quickly, the modest monument became a city landmark, where many tourists like to take pictures.

Excursion program

Thursday  Departure from Kharkov to Odessa by train number 59 at 17:01.

Uzor NU

Friday Arrival in Odessa at 06:19, meeting tourists. Transfer to the hotel.
Accommodation in rooms (according to the estimated time, if there are vacant rooms - earlier).
Free time.
18519941 529974703839529 5418864372538442085 n 22499170 594146224089043 6576207813636321052 or

An optional walking tour "Odessa Courtyards" is offered for 2,5 hours
(150 UAH per adult / 50 UAH children, beginning in 11-00, Cathedral Square, 3, opposite the central entrance to the Transfiguration Cathedral).

37175261 730856887084642 7736889563720712192 or 38260472 749779395192391 2154850083848323072 or

Uzor NU

Saturday   A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley. Free time.

Optionally offered "Criminal Odessa"
(250 UAH per adult / 150 UAH children, beginning in 11-00, Cathedral Square, 3, opposite the central entrance to the Transfiguration Cathedral).

15:00 Sightseeing tour of Odessa (collection from 14-45, Cathedral Square, 3, opposite the central entrance to the Transfiguration Cathedral).
Dumskaya Square, Primorsky Boulevard, Cathedral Square, Opera House, Potemkin Staircase, Count Vorontsov's Palace, a glass panorama of excavations of an ancient city on Primorsky Boulevard. Outstanding personalities, famous for Odessa: Duke de Richelieu, Earl M. Vorontsov, A.S. Pushkin, Ilf and Petrov, I. Babel, L. Utesov, etc. Streets of the city: Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya and others. 

58968105 921188711384791 536689299307888640 n 21151208 576249645878701 4137691769983949210 n
55752503 900222483481414 3601028047005810688 n 65152874 957069224463406 4719118187180851200 or

Free time. At your disposal - Odessa museums, shops, markets, restaurants, etc. The best way to "show yourself and look at others" is at Deribasovskaya. And the best of all, of course, is to "do" the bazaar on Privoz!

Uzor NU
Sunday  A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley. Check-out time is 12:00. Free time.

Rest by the sea, walks around Odessa, on of Arkady, festive events at Deribasovskaya. We offer an optional visit to Odessa museums: the Literary Museum with a garden of humorous sculptures, the Art Museum with a grotto, the Historical Museum, make a unique dive into the Odessa catacombs, order any excursions around Odessa.
67341412 981266982043630 1775079029607497728 or 48215759 833859796784350 6142014760419328000 n

Optional walking tour "Deep Odessa catacombs"
(250 UAH per adult / 150 UAH children, beginning in 14-00, Cathedral Square, 3, opposite the central entrance to the Transfiguration Cathedral). The duration of the excursion is 2,5 hours, comfortable sports shoes and clothes with long sleeves are required.

70236204 1005546549615673 7321805077918777344 or 69160853 998980666938928 8302965304145739776 or

The acquisition of Odessa souvenirs for memory and "for relatives." Independent transfer to the station.

Departure from Odessa by train # 60 at 19:21.
Uzor NU
Monday  Arrival in Kharkov at 08: 19.


Among the seaside beaches of Odessa, the following comfortable beaches can be distinguished: 
"Luzanovka", "Lanzheron", "Otrada", "Dolphin", "Arcadia", "Chaika", "13th station of the Big Fountain", "Zolotoy Bereg".

The cost per person in UAH.

Cost 3-day tour:

Hotel / room category /
travel option 
tour price
without train
tour price 
with railway pass
Classic rooms
at 2 local accommodation 
3500 UAH. 4500 UAH.
Classic rooms 
at 3 local accommodation
3350 UAH. 4350 UAH.

Children up to 5 years inclusive without place and food - free of charge (accompanied by 2 adults!)
Children up to 12 years on an additional place - discount 250 UAH.

Attention! The tour is guaranteed subject to availability of train tickets for the date you selected.


railway travel (Kharkov - Odessa - Kharkov 59/60 train KUPE), hotel accommodation for 2 days, 2 breakfasts, sightseeing tour of Odessa, transfer station-hotel, tour collection, insurance.


  • The tour is calculated for individual tourists from 2 people.
  • Additionally paid: optional excursions, entrance tickets to museums and other sightseeing objects.
  • Attention! To guarantee to get on optional excursions, you need to book them when booking a tour.
  • The tour price is calculated for 2-x local numbers. Specify the availability of hotels and the cost of the tour before booking.
  • The company reserves the right to change the sequence of excursions and replace them with equivalent ones.
  • The tour can be adjusted for any date, for any number of days, calculated for a specific order.


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