Vorokhta is famous for being the center of winter sports. The landmark of Vorokhta and all the Carpathians is the Viaduct - a stone bridge from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Viaduct in Vorokhta is one of the longest bridges in Europe (over 130 m), the length of one of these arches is 65 m.

In Vorokhta there is a complex of four jumps, they are artificially covered and operate all year round. Thanks to this, Vorokhta is one of the main centers where national teams for biathlon, cross-country skiing and ski jumping are preparing. Also, tourists are attracted here by the amazing beauty of the mountains, the Vorokhtian peaks and the swift rivers of the Carpathians with noisy waterfalls. At 15 km from the town. Vorokhta is the highest mountain of Ukraine Goverla (2061 m).

The Prut River, one of Vorokhta's sights, breaks through the rocks and falls down at an altitude of 1550-1600. above sea level. The cascade includes six waterfalls, the height of the greatest decline in water is 12 m. The distance to Vorokhta is about 20 km. The difference of water is 80 m. Having visited here you can make a lot of amazing pictures of Vorokhta.

The museum in the village of Vorokhta, a landmark of this locality, reveals the process of the settlement's origin, religious life and the Opryshkov movement on the outskirts of the village. Also there are materials about the development of the forest industry, tourism services and sports, sanatoriums, famous school teachers and outstanding natives of Vorokhta, the biography of the village's leaders.

The church is located on the top of a hill in the northern part of Vorokhta, from where the entire village "is seen in the palm of your hand" is also one of the most ancient temples of Hutsulshchina - the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin.

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