Lviv Coffe Mine

"Lviv Coffee Mine" (Lvivska Kavi Kavi) is a creative coffee house in the bookstore on Market Square, in the historic Lubomirsky Palace. 

The new creation of the owners of the network of conceptual author's restaurants "! Fest" is designed to answer the original question, where does coffee come from in Lviv. It turns out that it is mined in a mine under the Town Hall! Visitors can go down to the "slaughter" and even see the process of "getting" coffee.

Upstairs in "Lvivska Kopalna" coffee beans are roasted and more than 30 types of coffee drinks are prepared from them: "Banderovsky", "For the inhabitants of Donbass", "Evening", "Morning", "Franz Joseph", "When it is raining", "Good night " and etc. 

Together with the cafe and the mine there is a bookstore that promotes the dissemination and popularization of the Ukrainian-language book.

In the mine of coffee, you can book an excursion that tells you everything about the history and mysteries of this divine drink.

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