Palanock Castle

Palanok Castle in Mukacheve can rightly be called a real gem of architecture of western Ukraine. 

It is located at an altitude of 68 m on an extinct volcano and occupies a huge area of ​​almost 14 thousand square meters. Secret underpasses, still preserved under the walls and towers, at one time served as shelter for people and livestock. The fortress is divided into three terraces, three levels: Upper, Middle and Lower locks. Until now, the exact date of the founding of the castle is unknown, but it is already mentioned in the documents of the 11th century.

Palanok Castle in Mukachevo belonged to the Podolsk prince Fyodor Koriatovich from 1366 to 1414. It was he who significantly enlarged the complex and strengthened it, turning it into his residence. Then the castle passed into the hands of different rulers for several centuries, until the Transylvanian prince György I Rákóczi bought it. He established the right of inheritance here, as a result of which his dynasty ruled for about a hundred years.

Each of the owners of the castle Palanok expanded the territory and strengthened it, so by the time of the national liberation struggle at the beginning of the 1700, Mukachevo Castle had become an important fortification.

It is interesting that after the battles the castle lost its strategic importance, and in 1782 the political prison of the Austrian monarchy was organized here, in which over 100 years over 20 thousand prisoners visited.

After 1896, when the prison was liquidated, the castle gradually collapsed. Its reconstruction passed into an active stage in times of independent Ukraine. Now the castle in Mukacheve is an important tourist center in the west of our country, which is definitely worth visiting at any time of the year.

Palanok Castle has its own legend. In the courtyard, you can see a deep well, which was dug by the order of the very prince Fyodor Koriatovich. The work was not going very well: it was difficult to dig such a deep well, its walls were crumbling, and water did not appear. And then the devil appeared in front of the prince and offered to help for a bag of gold. Since the treasury was empty by that time, the prince decided to cheat. Considering that the devil did not specify how much gold should be in the bag, Koriatovich put only two gold coins in the bag. The devil was indignant, but the agreement had already been concluded. In anger, the devil rushed into the well with the words: "You will not drink water anyway!" Since then, some sounds and rustles have been heard in the well - they say that it is a deceived devil who is messing around.

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