The old fortress in Kamyanets-Podilskyi

The old fortress of Kamenets-Podolsky is one of the most outstanding monuments of fortification art in Ukraine.

It is part of the Kamenets-Podilsky State Historical Museum-Reserve. Now the name "Old Castle" is more often used, although formally this fortress was a castle (the residence of the feudal lord) only at the very beginning of its existence, under the princes Koriatovichi (Koryatovichi).

A powerful defensive unit at the entrance to the city along the main road across the bridge over the narrow isthmus of Smotrych Canyon was built in the 16th century. based on ancient fortifications XI-XII centuries. The old fortress consists of 11 towers: Papskaya (Karmalyukova), Kolpak, Tenchinskaya, Lyashskaya (Billa), Day, New, Western, Malaya Zapadnaya, Rozhanka, Komendantskaya, Lyantskoronskaya tower, Novaya Vostochnaya. The towers are connected by defensive walls, barracks and a siege well are located on the territory.

The oldest of the towers is Daytime (probably built on the foundations of Roman fortifications). In the XVII century. The earthen bastions of the New Fortress were added, which more effectively opposed the artillery fire. The power of the Kamenets fortifications struck contemporaries. Winged was the phrase of the Turkish Khan Osman, who in 1621 approached the walls of the fortress and asked who had so strengthened it so. "God Himself," answered the khan. "Then let God take it and take it," Osman replied, withdrawing his troops.

However, in 1672, Kamenets-Podolsky was still taken by the attack of the Turkish army of Sultan Mohammed IV and Cossacks P. Doroshenko. In the western bastion of the fortress, the defense scene was reconstructed, which was headed by M. Potocki and during which M. Volodyevsky was killed.

From the Old Fortress three times the national hero Ustim Karmalyuk escaped from imprisonment. The Papal Tower, in which he was kept, has since been named after him, an exposition is arranged in it.

In the eastern bastion there is an exposition of a light throwing weapon. There are night excursions. The old fortress often serves as the setting for numerous festivals and historical reconstructions.

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