Cave Verteba

Verteba Cave is the leader of the hit parades among caves: it is one of the most beautiful caves in Ukraine, the only cave museum in Ukraine, inside of which dozens of archaeological excavations of the ancient Trypillian culture are kept.

In addition, it is considered one of the largest caves in Europe: the total length of underground passages and halls is more than 8 kilometers.

A distinctive feature of the cave is the unusual arrangement of the halls. The courses in it, as a rule, are not long, and the "rooms" themselves are spacious and large. It is thanks to these qualities that the underground halls were so popular among the inhabitants of ancient civilizations.

Ancient people used caves as shelters from bad weather, from predators, enemies and simply as housing. This is proved by the excavations that are being carried out in the cave, from the 19th century to the present day. Here a large number of objects of everyday life, pottery, stone implements, ritual objects, amulets, etc. were found.

It is interesting to know the origin of the name of the cave from the familiar word "nativity", which in ancient Slavs meant "cave". In the underground halls of the museum of Trypillian culture, plaster sculptures, dioramas, voluminous expositions tell visitors in detail about the life and life of ancient tribes.

Original dishes, vases, jugs and an unusual interior of cave stalactites create a stunning effect of moving through time thousands of years ago.

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