Zimny ​​Svyatogorsky Monastery

The Svyatogorsky Holy Assumption Zimensky Monastery is comfortably located on the Holy Hills above the Luga River near the village of Zimno, a few kilometers from the city of Vladimir-Volynsky in Volhynia. Nature here is striking with its beauty and splendor. Pilgrims are met with a pacifying silence, peace and singing of birds.

It is believed that the monastery was built on this site by Prince Vladimir - the Baptizer of Ancient Rus. The chronicle says that in 987 the prince became blind after the conquest of Korsun. At this time Princess Anna, the future wife of Vladimir, brought the icon of the Mother of God of Greek letters. According to legend, Vladimir saw the glow from the icon and received his sight.

Then he built his winter palace here, under the name of which was given the name of the village, two wooden churches and founded the Assumption Monastery, a man who gave the icon of the Mother of God as a gift.

With the Czartoryski priests, in the Middle Ages, fortified walls with towers, the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary were built, a bell for the monastery, which has survived to this day from 1566.

After several centuries of decline, the monastery revived in the XIX century as an Orthodox women's monastery. Now the structure of its complex includes the Assumption Church, the preserved sections of fortress walls with corner towers, the gate tower-bell tower, the refectory. A little in the distance is the Trinity Church and the entrance to the caves, where the underground church of St. Barlaam is located.

And now the monastery is famous for its miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which helps believers to solve problems with sight and not only. It is interesting that the modern ophthalmologic center also works at the monastery.

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