Located on the bank of the Styr River, Lutsk is an architectural monument of Ukraine and Europe, the administrative center of the Volyn region. The architecture of the ancient Luceska embodies the culture of many peoples who lived on this territory.

The most famous landmark of Lutsk is the famous Lubart Castle. This is one of the few ancient structures of the Gothic style, preserved in Ukraine almost untouched.

Under the castle are multi-level underground tunnels, stretching for several tens of kilometers, about which there are many legends. During the numerous sieges of the city these tunnels were very useful to the townspeople.

In the historical center of the city, around the Bratsky Bridge Square, a large number of religious buildings of different faiths are concentrated: the Karaite kenasa, the synagogue, the Protestant church, the Catholic Cathedral of Peter and Paul, and the Pokrovskaya Orthodox Church.

Like any city in Western Ukraine, Lutsk has its own Montmartre - L. Ukrainka's pedestrian street, where many original cafes, souvenir shops, bookstores, art galleries, and artists' workshops are concentrated.

Not far from the street L. Ukrainka there is a private house with chimeras - a new art of the art, built by the Lutsk artist Golovan. He independently designed and decorated the house for twenty years.

Saint Nicholas is considered the patron saint of Lutsk, therefore the central square of the city in front of the mayor's office is decorated with a monument to this popular Saint. Tourists love to make wishes near the monument by touching the foot of the Holy Wonderworker.

Lutsk is rightly considered the cultural spiritual center of Ukraine. Lesya Ukrainka lived in Lutsk, the poet and artist Kost Shishko lived, the contemporary writer Oksana Zabuzhko was born, the artists Nikolay Kumanovsky, Elena Burdash, Natalia Kumanovskaya, the violinist and the head of the chamber orchestra Toviy Rivets, the frontman of the Tartak band Sashko Polozhinsky and the band members "Boombox".

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