Lubart's castle in Lutsk

Lutsk Castle (Prince Lubart Castle) or Upper Castle is one of the largest and oldest castles in Ukraine, which has been preserved for us almost in its original form.

In 1320, Lutsk (Lucesc), founded in 1000 by Vladimir Svyatoslavovich, became a member of the Lithuanian principality. Lubart, the son of the Lithuanian prince Gedimin, who captured Volhynia and Galichina, married the daughter of Prince Galitsky and Volodymyr-Volyn, Lev Yurievich, accepted the Orthodox faith and inherited the Eastern Volyn.

Lubart built the castle in Lucescia for more than 40 years, and during this time the Gothic style began to go out of fashion, and the Renaissance style came to replace it. Upon completion of the construction, Lutsk Castle had 3 main towers: Gateway (Entry), Styrovaya and Vladyka. They have survived until now.

During its history, Lutsk Castle saw hundreds of rulers from different countries. In 1429, the 7 congress of European monarchs was held here, attended by many well-known princes, kings and emperors, among them the Roman emperor Sigismund.

Each year the castle attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world, here every year there are various festivals and celebrations.

 There are numerous museums in the halls and on the territory of the castle, including the Museum of Painting, the Museum of Bells, the Museum of Printing, the Museum of Weapons.

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