Museum of the Volyn Icon

The famous landmark of Lutsk, which has made the city famous far beyond the Volyn region, is the Museum of the Volyn Icon, which is the only museum of such specialization in the country that was opened in 1993.

The museum houses unique monuments of sacred art - rare and ancient icons, wooden figurines of saints and angels, crucifixes and other masterpieces. In total, the museum has collected more than one and a half thousand exhibits, created in the period from the XI to XX century, among which about 600 icons.

Most of the icons belong to the Volyn school of icon painting, which at all times was very original. Among the icons written by Volyn craftsmen, many became famous outside of Ukraine due to their unique energy, and some of the Volyn icons were recognized by the Church as miraculous.

One of the most famous exhibits of the Volyn Icon Museum is the miraculous image of the Holm Mother of God of Kholm - one of the most ancient icons preserved on our planet. Its exact origin is unknown - the icon was roughly written in the XI-XII centuries in Byzantium, and the author is considered to be the holy apostle and the Evangelist Luke. According to the legend, the icon was brought to Kievan Rus as a dowry of the Byzantine princess Anna, the bride of Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich.

In 1996, the image that was considered lost was transferred to the museum of one of the residents of Lutsk. The restoration lasted about 14 years, as a result, more than 60% of the original author's painting was restored. The icon is exhibited in a separate room and is considered miraculous. One of the miracles happened already in the museum - a four-year-old boy, who could not get up in any way, learned to walk, after several times his grandmother brought him to the icon with prayers for healing.

In addition to the icon of the Kholmsk Mother of God, the museum is proud of such masterpieces of Volyn icon painting as the icon "Savior in Glory", "Crucifixion" of the 1630th century, "Yuri the Serpent Fighter with Life", written in XNUMX, "Ascent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles" of the early XNUMXth century, "The Ascension of the Prophet Elijah" and "The Nativity of the Mother of God" of the first half of the XNUMXth century, "Ascent to Hell" of the middle of the XNUMXth century, "St. Barbara with a Life" of the end of the XNUMXth century, icons of the famous Ukrainian painter Job Kondzelevich.


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