MEGA tour to the Carpathians. 7 days of rest in Vorokhta

One-week tour to the Carpathians for "All inclusive" from 6700 UAH / person.
Departure from Kharkov weekly - on Saturdays
There are male and female sharing!

Weekly regular guaranteed tour from 2 people!

 Several advantages of the MEGA tour to the Carpathians:

- you will spend your vacation in the famous resort of Vorokhta;

- The winter tour will attract fans of winter recreation, mountain skiing, snowboarding, snowtube and bathing in hot springs in the open air;

lovers of Hutsul traditions, rituals and national cuisine will satisfy their requests;

- In the immediate vicinity of the attractions of the Carpathians, such as Yaremcha, Yasinya, Center of Europe, Zhenets Falls, Goverla;

- you will be in the center of attention of all Carpathians, everyone will be engaged exclusively by you.

Do you still doubt where to spend the week's week? No doubt, in the most beautiful place on the planet - in the Carpathians!




Kharkiv - Vorokhta - Ivano-Frankivsk - Yaremche - Chernivtsi - Kolomyia - Kosiv - Rakhiv - Kharkiv

Season of rest

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Duration of the tour

7 days


Tourist complex "Vorokhta"

1 and 2 hotel buildings - the epicenter of entertainment. It is here that musicians play, sing Ukrainian songs, dance, celebrate Hutsul wedding, dance, play and entertain all the guests of the tourist complex.

Room categories:
-2-local block (convenience for two numbers); 
-4-bed two-room



3 and 4 enclosures located on the outskirts of the forest in 500 m from the main building. If you value silence, peace and nature, then choose them!

Room categories:
-2-local economy
-2-local standard



5 housing is the largest of all. It is located near the main building. If you like silence and proximity to the epicenter of entertainment, then this case will suit you.

Room categories:
-2-local economy
-2-local standard


Uzor NU


Half board (breakfast, dinner)

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Type of tour


Rest and recuperation:

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Vorokhta - High-mountainous climatic resort, drowned in green poloninas and dense virgin forests surrounded by the pride of Ukraine - the Carpathian Mountains. Rest in Vorokhta is useful for its healing air, which gives people vivacity and health. A rich historical and cultural and architectural heritage, the extraordinary beauty of nature at any time of the year will make your stay unforgettable here.


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Laundry, shops, souvenir shops, ATM (Privatbank), ATV rental, horseback riding, rafting, snowmobile rental, jeep trophy safaris, there is an opportunity to purchase fresh cheese - cheese and local beer.

Excursion program

1 day. Saturday Departure from Kharkov to Vorokhta by train No.15 in 18: 42 (even) or to Ivano-Frankivsk by train No. 2 at 21:05 (odd).
Uzor NU

2 day. Sunday

Arrival accordingly at 12:44 (train # 15) to Vorokhta or 13:08 (train number 2) to Ivano-Frankivsk.
Meeting of tourists. 
Transfer to the hotel "Vorokhta".
Upon arrival you will have a festive dinner, acquaintance, evening bonfire.

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3 day. Monday

A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.

9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from:

- Bukovel - European resort, pass, Zhenets waterfall
- Super meadows Borsuchnya and four meadows of the Montenegrin ridge
- Hike "corporate route of the hotel" Vorokhta " 
- Excursion "Transcarpathia - Rakhiv" (passports are needed) 
- Climbing to the top of Mount Hamster  
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• 18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.

• 20: 00 - the beginning of evening programs (Ina party by the fire with the participation of colorful Hutsul musicians. Master class Hutsul dance, incendiary dances, theatrical matchmaking with tourists in the lead roles). Lecture on the benefits of Carpathian herbal tea, medicinal herbs, mushrooms and berries.)
Uzor NU

4 day. Tuesday

A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.

9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from: 

- Goverla - the highest peak of Ukraine
- Verkhovyna - the unofficial capital of the Hutsul region "
- Waterfall at the foot of Goverla - the cradle of the Prut, Lake Nesamovitoe
- We enjoy Vorokhta - half a thousand Lysina  
Ivano-Frankivsk - a city in the heart of Europe
Hike to the half "Shepherd’s stitches

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• 18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.

• 20: 00 - the beginning of evening programs (din the hotel, a fun evening program, contests.

Exclusive evening excursion to the Church of Peter and Paul with a guide - a minister of the church)

Uzor NU

5 day. Wednesday

A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.

9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from:

- Excursion in Yaremche
- A popular tourist route on Mount Pyatikhatki 
- Manyavsky monastery and waterfall  
- Climbing Mount Makowitz 
- Mikulichin, river Prutets-Chemegovsky 
- Climbing Mount Magura 
- Pigi tract - Zhenetskiy waterfall
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• 18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.

• 20: 00 - the beginning of evening programs (woh program - "Miss and Mr. Vorokhta")

Evening walk to the hydrogen sulphide source.

Uzor NU

6 day. Thursday

A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.

9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from:

- Kosov is the capital of the Hutsul folk art. Lunch - fishing
- Ternoshorsk Rock Sanctuary
- Rock Written Stone - the greatness of the mountain world  
- Excursion "Charming Vorokhta; under the old bridges
- Campaign "Old Cordon
- Bukovel - European resort, Bukovel lake, pass
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• 18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.

• 20: 00 - the beginning of evening programs (master class "Hutsul cuisine".)

The theatrical action "Hutsul wedding", where our tourists will be the main actors and guests. The wedding is full of folk rites, fun songs, dances, games and fun.

Uzor NU

7 day. Friday

A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.

9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from: 

- Goverla - the highest peak of Ukraine
- Kolomyia: Museum "Pysanka", "Hutsulshchyna
- Waterfall at the foot of Goverla - the cradle of the Prut, Lake Nesamovitoe
- Chernivtsi - the historical center of Bukovina  
- Walking walk “Along the Prut
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• 18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.

• 20: 00 - the beginning of evening programs (Na grocery evening, birthday greetings, a Ukrainian disco). 
Watching the video "Vorohta all year round" with your participation.

Uzor NU

8 day. Saturday

Breakfast. Free time.

For tourists leaving Ivano-Frankivsk - departure from the hotel to 9:15... One hour stop in Yaremche - farewell purchases at the souvenir market, lunch at a cafe (extra charge);
By 14:00 we arrive at the railway station. Free time for shopping on the road. Departure from Ivano-Frankivsk to Kharkov # 2 (even) at 19:30.

For tourists leaving Vorokhta - transfer to the station near 16: 00.
Departure from Vorokhta to Kharkov by train # 16 (on odd numbers) at 17:00.

Uzor NU

9 day. Sunday

Arrival in Kharkov at 11: 14.


which are organized daily at extra charge

Rafting on the Black Cheremosh River (350UAH with lunch)
                Rafting (12km alloy, 2,5 hours) is a great opportunity to get a positive, unusual experience. The rafting will give you the most beautiful places of wildlife, because the river often flows where people have never been. This is an amazing type of outdoor activity, which makes it possible to experience an incredible range of emotions, passing from serene calm to an adrenaline rush. Swimming in the mountain river and a delicious lunch will complement unforgettable emotions. Departures for rafting at 9:00 and 13:00, we recommend combining rafting with a game of paintball, horse riding or with a visit to the sauna.
Climbing to the top of Mount Pop-Ivan (300 UAH with dry rations)
             Super asset   Climbing the city of Pop Ivan (Chornaya Gora) through the town of Vuhaty Kamen and Smotrych to the ruins of the old Polish observatory "White Elephant" - the third highest peak in Ukraine (2028m, climb 1295m, 30km). In 1938, the observatory was second in importance in Europe. Thanks to the unique construction technology, the building still stands on top. The climb will be difficult, but it can be said exclusive - due to the remote location, very few people can boast of conquering the summit. Lunch - lunch ration. Climbing is organized on Fridays. 
Cycling trips (120UAH with dry ration)
          Bicycle walks lift the mood, return us to childhood and conceal a lot of advantages: constant movement, visiting new places, staying in nature - you are open to space, the novelty of fresh and vivid impressions. For you, well-developed routes by the European project VeloKraina through local attractions and scenic areas.
Horse walks (130UAH / hour)
              Having mastered and made friends with horses in our evening mini-courses, we advise you to make time in the busy schedule of events and take at least an hour horse ride. An instructor will accompany you throughout the trip. We want you to love horses and learn how to enjoy walking in the fresh air in contact with a magnificent animal that has a tremendous positive effect on humans and contributes to excellent emotional discharge. Also in our arsenal there are sledges and carts with a capacity of up to 5 people (100 UAH / hour).
Wellness massage course (100 - 120 UAH per session)
              Inexpensive price, quality performance, the desire to improve health, diversify evening leisure, relax after active events - all this makes massage one of the hallmarks of our tourist complex.
Solotvino - a unique resort in Transcarpathia (100UAH)
          In summer, we offer trips to the resort of Solotvino (100 km) to salt lakes - an analogue of the Dead Sea in Transcarpathia, where the water has healing properties and is so dense that you can lie on its surface and read a book. Psoriasis, pleurisy, osteochondrosis, arthritis, radiculitis, joint pain and bone fractures, nervous disorders in a panic recede before the healing power of saline Solotvyn lakes.

The cost per person in UAH.

Room category /
4-seat single







2-seat block
(with two rooms)
Perhaps feminine or
male sharing!














4-seater dvuhkomn.







2-local economy







2-local standard







Children up to 14 years - 25% discount;
Children under 5 years old - free of charge (without a seat and food);

1-local accommodation is provided in economy-class rooms and a standard with an additional charge of 40% to the total cost of the voucher.
For tourists traveling alone, it is possible to stay in double block rooms with shared  no surcharges!


  • railway passage Kharkiv - Vorokhta (Ivano-Frankivsk) - Kharkiv (KUPE)
  • transfer station - hotel - train station;
  • Accommodation 6 nights / 7 days at the Vorokhta hotel;
  • 6 breakfasts, 6 dinners;
  • daily two variants of comfortable excursion-cognitive trips - "excursion";
  • daily unforgettable trips to the forest, to the waterfall, to the Carpathian poloniny - "active";
  • daily climbing to the mountains, conquering the peaks - "super asset";
  • merry evening entertainment with Hutsul music;
  • evening mini-courses of horseback riding on Mon, Tue;
  • insurance.
+ In winter:
  • - Transfer under all promotions of the ski resort BUKOVEL (17km)
  • - Ski equipment (skis, boots, poles, helmets)
  • - For races 30.12 and 06.01 - banquets and show programs


The price does not include:

• Lunch on departure - from 50 UAH. or suhpayki - 40grn
• tickets to museums, a park, a lift - about 200 UAH per tour
• digital film with your participation - 70grn
• Horseback riding - 80grn / hour
• bicycle tour with lunch - 120grn
• Rafting with lunch - 350grn
• aerial extreme - zip-line - 75grn
• ATVs 1,5 - 800grn 
• Group training in skiing in Vorokhta - 80grn

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