White mountains, blue sky. Snow Carpathians

weekly, the beginning of the tour - any day in Yasinyi

departures from Kharkov: by direct train - on even numbers, from Kiev - every day

Winter 2020 - 2021!

Weekly regular guaranteed tour from 2 people!

Ski tour to the Carpathians for lovers of entertainment and outdoor activities! Accommodation in the mountain village of Yasinya in new private hotels! Skiing in the best ski resort in Ukraine - Bukovel!


Kharkov - Kiev - Yasinya - Bukovel - Kiev - Kharkov

Season of rest

December - March

Duration of the tour

5 days


Private hotels of your choice in the village of Yasinya (15 km. from Bukovel): 
1) "BobrovSki"
2) "Navigator Carpathians"
Uzor NU

1) hotel "BobrovSki"
The latest hotel with a special cozy atmosphere in the center of Yasinya resort. The spacious dining room, wi-fi, bright rooms of the hotel are decorated in the style of European minimalism, exclusively from natural materials. 2's and 3's are local rooms with bathrooms, TV, furniture.
bobrovski 001 bobrovski 002
bobrovski 003 bobrovski 004
bobrovski 005 bobrovski 006

2) hotel "Navigator Karpaty"
New hotel built 2015 - 2017 year in 5 minutes walk from the center of the village; 2 hotel buildings are made of natural materials, the finish is made of Carpathian wood, in the courtyard there is a gazebo, barbecue, barbecue, outdoor vats with sitting area. Own sauna on the wood, ski equipment rental. On the 1 floor of each building there is a hall, a dining room with a bar, a sitting area, a TV, a fridge, an electric kettle. On the second floor - comfortable 2, 3. 4-bed rooms with all conveniences. The hotel can accommodate up to 40 people.

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Uzor NU


2-single (breakfast + dinner)

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Type of tour


Excursion program

Exit from Kharkov in Yasinya train number 15 in 18: 40 (on even days). 
Exit from Kiev in Yasinya train number 357 in 14: 28 (everyday).
Uzor NU
1 day

Arrival in Yasinya:
- by train No. 15 from Kharkov at 13:25.
- by train No. 357 from Kiev to 8: 30.

Meeting tourists at the station. Transfer to the hotel.
Settlement. Free time.
Ясіня Yasinya 2

Everyone can choose ski equipment for themselves (equipment rental from 150 UAH per day).

Departure to the Bukovel ski resort. 
On the new road through Yablunetsky pass to Bukovel only 12 km. Those who are looking for comfortable conditions for recreation, prepared slopes with a grass base, snow in any weather, evening lighting - on Bukovel! For those who prefer a less active activity, Bukovel resort offers water entertainment complexes, swimming pools, outdoor hot pools, saunas, cable cars, kolyba and restaurants, numerous children's entertainments, attractions. 
Free time at the resort for skiing and relaxation.
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Return to Yasinya.

Dinner at the hotel.
Uzor NU
2, 3, 4 - day A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.

Transfer to Bukovel. Skiing, snowboardingsledging, ice skating.  
Possible entertainment at Bukovel GC: "Riding a small scooter Segwayriding on Zorb (a huge transparent plastic ball, which is pushed down the hill, and it rolls down, and the person inside it screams with joy and adrenaline!). Visit to the Snowpark - equipped special area with a variety of figures for skiing - “Snow park for jibbing”. The park is suitable for beginners, snowboarders and skiers with experience. Instructors will teach beginners skiing or snowboarding, and those who ride confidently will be shown master classes in jibbing. Snow bike ride - The bike is designed for movement in the snow.

After 16:00 - departure back to Yasinya. 

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We invite you daily to The Carpathian font * (the cost of the vat on 2 hours - 1200 UAH.)
Carpathian vats in the open air. A fire is kindled under the cast iron vats, and thanks to the peculiarities of cast iron, the water in the vats is heated and constantly maintained at a temperature of 40-42 degrees. In the rest room you can enjoy the taste of Carpathian tea, Viennese coffee, medicinal herbal infusions. Helpful and pleasant! The chan can accommodate up to 8 people at a time, registration in advance.
 caption 2

Dinner at the hotel.
Uzor NU
5 day  A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.

Free time. Release rooms. Transfer from the hotel to the railway station.

Departure from Yasinya:
- to Kharkov by train No.16 on 16: 16.
- to Kiev by train No.358 in 12: 20
Uzor NU
Arrival to Kharkov by train # 16 at 11:14
Arrival in Kiev by train # 358 at 6:43

The cost per person in UAH.

accommodation /
tour price 
without railway
tour price 
with railway pass
from Kiev 
(reserved seat)
tour price 
with railway pass
from Kiev
tour price 
with railway pass 
from Kharkov 
at 2-3 local
4450 4950 5250 6450

For Children to 6 years without space and food - is free (accompanied by 2 adults).
For Children to 10 years on an additional (third) place in the room - 25% discount (accompanied by 2 adults).
For Children to 14 years in the main place in the room - discount 300 UAH (accompanied by 1 adult).

* It is possible to decrease or increase the number of days in the program as agreed with the customer.
You can request a recalculation of the cost from our managers.


  • railway travel (according to the chosen tour package);
  • accommodation in a private hotel in 2-3-bed standard rooms with all amenities;
  • 2 meals a day (breakfast + dinner);
  • transfer station-hotel-station;
  • 4 trips to the Bukovel GC;
  • supervision of tourists by a representative of the tour operator, insurance.


* Ski-passes (tickets for lifts) are purchased independently at the box office of the ski complex or via the Internet.
The official site of the Bkuvel Group of Companies - buying Ski-passes.


  • The tour is designed for individual tourists from 2 people
  • Tour and price are not valid in the New Year and Christmas period.
  • Bathing in vats, equipment rental, lifts are paid additionally.
  • There are other options for rail travel, a decrease or an increase in the number of days in the Carpathians.
  • For group customers, the program is calculated for the query. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group.

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