MEGA-tour to Truskavets. 7 days of rest in the Carpathians

Weekly tour in the Carpathian region for "All inclusive"
Departure from Kharkov weekly - on Saturdays
* Possibly male and female sharing!

Weekly regular guaranteed tour from 2 people!

 Unique features of the mega-tour to Truskavets:

- you will spend your vacation in the new largest hotel in the Carpathian resort city of Truskavets;
- In the summer, visit such tourist highlights as Lviv, Mukachevo, Slavske, Skhidnytsia, Lviv Region Castles;
- You are waiting for unforgettable hiking in the mountains and the forest, the conquest of mountain peaks;
- winter tour will attract lovers of alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowtubing and swimming in the hot springs under the open sky;
- at any time of the year you will improve your health thanks to the healing water "Naftusya";

Do you still doubt where to spend your vacation for the benefit of body and soul? Without a doubt, in the medical and excursion hotel complex - "Truskavets"!

Placement Locations

Lviv region, Truskavets


Kharkiv - Lviv - Truskavets - Borislav - Dovbush rocks - Beregovo - Synevyr - Shipot - castles of Lviv region - Slavskoe - Ancient Sambir - Tustan - Lviv - Kharkiv

Season of rest

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

Duration of the tour

7 days


01 02

Complex "TRUSKAVETS" consists of 190 rooms, which are located from 2-th to 9-th floors, on the first two floors there is a reception, a cafe with buffet service, a mini pump room, a bar, a children's room, a consulting room for a water therapist, cosmetologists, dentist and massage therapists, hairdresser.

Each room is equipped with a mini fridge, satellite TV, wi-fi, carpeting, all the necessary furniture. The bathroom of each room is equipped with shower, washbasin, toilet, mirror, hairdryer, heated towel rail.

Double Economy it is equipped with a double bed (190х160cm) or twin beds (190х80), the room size is 14м2, the bathroom is 3м2.
otdih v karpatah letom tur otel nomera truskavets365 3 0 otdih v karpatah letom tur otel nomera truskavets365 4 0

Triple Economy equipped with a double bed (190х160cm) and a single bed (190х80) or two single beds (190х80cm) and a single bed (190х80), room size 18м2, bathroom - 3м2.
otdih v karpatah letom tur otel nomera truskavets365 5 0 otdih v karpatah letom tur otel nomera truskavets365 8 0

Double Standard it is equipped with a double bed (190х160cm) or twin beds (190х80), the room size is 18м2, the bathroom is 3м2.
otel truskavets 365 nomer dvuhmestniy 7 otel truskavets 365 nomer dvuhmestniy 4

Triple Standard It is equipped with two single beds (200х90cm) and a large sofa bed with the dimensions of a berth (200х160cm), the area of ​​the room is 26м2, the bathroom is 5м2.
otdih v karpatah otel truskavets 365 nomera 3x 5 otdih v karpatah otel truskavets 365 nomera 3x 6

Single Room it is equipped with a large bed (190х160cm), the area of ​​the room is 14м2, the bathroom is 3м2.
otel truskavets 365 nomer odnomestniy 1 otel truskavets 365 nomer odnomestniy 2

Quadruple one-room is equipped with two single beds (200х90cm) and a convertible sofa with the sleeping area 200х160cm, the area of ​​the room is 26м2, the bathroom is 5м2.
otel truskavets 365 nomer chetirehmestniy 3 otel truskavets 365 nomer chetirehmestniy 5

Bathrooms are cleaned, garbage taken out, foot towels are changed daily. Rooms are cleaned every three days or more often - at the request of vacationers, towels are changed on demand, linen is changed once a week or at the request of vacationers.


 2 meals a day in the price (Breakfast and dinner buffet)

04 03

Lunches at the hotel according to the "buffet" system - at will (100 UAH.)



Type of tour


Excursion program

1 day. Saturday Departure from Kharkov to Lviv by train # 002 at 21:07 (odd) or to Truskavets by train # 021 at 20:15 (on even numbers).
Uzor NU
2 day. Sunday Arrival to Lviv train number 002 in 10: 21 or прибытие to Truskavets by train # 021 at 14:33.
Meeting tourists in Truskavets or in Lviv at the train station at the main exit - will be met by a hotel representative with a sign. 
Departure from Lviv to Truskavets at 13:00.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the following will be organized: information meeting, check-in to the rooms, consultation of a therapist on the intake of mineral water, as well as a sightseeing tour of Truskavets.
0den 03 0den 01 0den 02

Festive dinner-acquaintance
 Uzor NU
3 day. Monday   
A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.
9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from:

📍 Borislav - the oil capital, Drohobych - the capital of the Carpathian region. 
📍 Rocks of Dovbush, Morshin. 
📍 Zoo "Limpopo". 
📍 Borislav - Lake Mrazhnitskoye - recreation center "Krutogor". 
📍 World of Beskids - Skhidnytsky pass - Bukhov Dil - Mrazhnitskoye lake - "Krutogor" 

1den 01 1den 02 1den 03

18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.
20:00 - beginning of evening programs:
📍 Evening of live instrumental music at the hotel.
📍 Boyko's wedding in the mountains.
📍 Evening of organ music in the church.

Uzor NU
4 day. Tuesday A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.
9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from: 

📍 The streets of ancient Lviv. 
📍 Unique shrines of the Podgirya: the Hoshevsky Monastery, the Church of St. Anna. 
📍 Stryi - Kamenka Waterfall - Dead Lake - Svyatoslav's grave. 
📍 Trukhanov village - Dovbush rocks. 
📍 The highest point of the Skole Beskids is Mount Parashka. 
📍 Bicycle trip Vernigor - Modrychi - Cossack farm.

2den 01 2den 02 2den 03
18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.
20:00 - beginning of evening programs:
📍 Karaoke evening at the hotel.
📍 Secrets of the Drohobych Town Hall - an excursion with elements of theatrical action.

Uzor NU
5 day. Wednesday A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.
9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from:

📍 Transcarpathia. Mukachevo. Beregovo - swimming in thermal pools.
📍 Carpathian tram. 
📍 Lviv is unique. 
📍 Lake Synevyr, Shypot waterfall (held from April to October). 
📍 Pomyarki tract - sanatorium "Konvalia" - Forelnik. 
📍 Orov Dil - viewing panorama of Truskavets - sanatorium "Konvalia" - Forelnik. 
📍Bicycle trip Koliba - Truskavets forest - Pomyarki. 

3day 01 3den 02 3den 03
18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.
20:00 - start of evening programs
(I.e. Live music concert at the hotel - blowing “Briozo”.

Uzor NU
6 day. Thursday A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.
9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from: 

(I.e. Castles of Lviv region. 
(I.e. Ski resort Slavskoe. Cable car. 
(I.e. Borislav spring "Naftusya" - mini-zoo "Vernigora". 
(I.e. Climbing Mount High Top, Pysana krynytsya. 
(I.e. Bicycle trip Kolyba - Bukovitsa - Dzherelo Naftusi.
(I.e. Art workshop "Another World".

4den 01 4den 02 4den 03

18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner.
20:00 - beginning of evening programs:
(I.e. Gypsy party, dinner in the mountains.
(I.e. Concert of instrumental music at the hotel.

Uzor NU
7 day. Friday A trip to the Historical part of Kakheti located in Alazani Valley.
9: 15 - the beginning of excursions and hikes to choose from: 

(I.e. Ancient Sambir. from. Kulchytsy is the homeland of three hetmans. from. Naguevichi - Homeland of Ivan Franko. 
(I.e. Fortress Tustan, Skhidnytsia. 
(I.e. Shop tour to the Stryisky market. 
(I.e. Skhidnytsia - mountain pass "Krutogor". 
(I.e. R. Stryi - Kretsny way - s. Rozgirche is a rocky monastery. 
(I.e. Fortress Tustan - Turov Dil - Skhidnitsa. 
(I.e. Bicycle trip Pomyarki - Dobrogostovsky lake.

5den 01 5den 02 5den 03

18: 00 - return to the hotel. Dinner. 
20:00 - start of evening programs 
(I.e. Evening UNTIL NEW MEETINGS TRUSKAVETS - festive dinner, entertainment program at the hotel.
Uzor NU
8 day. Saturday Breakfast in the hotel

08:00 - Departure from the hotel. By 10:00 the bus will arrive at the Lviv railway station, where tourists leaving by evening trains can leave their belongings in the luggage room. 

Then the bus will arrive at the center, where excursion along the streets of medieval Lviv.
Lviv is an ancient city founded by Prince Danylo Halytsky and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You will see the city's defensive structures, residential quarters of various national communities, medieval temples and monasteries, as well as the heart of Lviv and at the same time an open-air museum - Rynok Square with its main decoration - Lviv City Hall 65 meters high, which you can climb and enjoy the views of the central part , view up close the mechanism of an old German clock. 
6den 01 6den 03 6den 02

Further acquaintance with Lviv will be continued a coffee walk in the historic centeraccompanied by stories about the history and traditions of coffee making in Europe and Lviv. There are dozens of establishments in the city where wonderful coffee and chocolate are brewed. Traditionally, most of them are decorated in the style of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, where you seem to be immersed in the times of Franz Joseph, and when you go outside, you are surprised that the yard is in the 21st century: Monument to Yuri Kulchitsky, the famous Market Square, popular coffee shops "Golden Ducat" and "Magic Lantern", Lviv Chocolate Factory, Lviv Caramel Workshop, the longest coffee shop "Bookstore", original conceptual restaurant-tavern "Kryivka", Lviv workshop of honey and gingerbread "Yurashki".
Return to the railway station on your own. 

Departure from Lviv to Kharkov: 
by train # 022 at 18:07 (odd) or by train # 17 at 19:04 (on even numbers).
Uzor NU
9 day. Sunday
Arrival to Kharkov train number 17 in 08: 41 or by train No. 022 at 10:47.


The hotel has summer pools for children and adults

The cost per person in UAH.

period /
number category
(7 nights, holy supper and carols)
(Old New Year)

(Birthday dinner)

(NG banquet
and show program
4-seat single 6600 6850 7700 8300 10600 12700
3-local economy 6700 6950 7800 8400 10800 12900
2-local economy 7000 7400 8450 9150 11750 13350
2-3-bed standard
Perhaps female or male sharing!
7450 7800 9000 9700 12350 14450
1-local number 8750 9100 10800 11700 14800 18000

Children up to 5 years old - free of charge, without claims for services 
Children up to 14 years 25% discount.
The cost of the tour without railway travel from Kharkov is 2000 UAH. less from the price in the table.
Possible miscalculation of the tour with railway travel from other cities.


  •  railway travel from Kharkov (KUPE)
  •  accommodation 7 days / 6 nights in rooms of the selected category;
  •  transfer from / to Lviv railway station;
  •  buffet breakfast and dinner;
  •  consultation of the therapist on the reception of water;
  •  “Naftusya” water with preservation of its qualities on excursions and hikes;
  •  daily bus tour to the “cult” places of the Carpathians, Lviv and Transcarpathia;
  •  daily unforgettable active journey to the forest and mountains, the conquest of the mountain peaks of the Carpathians;
  •  excursions "Dad. Mom. I", children's animation;
  •  rope park and zip line;
  •  cycling trips;
  •  evening entertainment;
  •  outdoor evening shows in nature;
  •  parking;
  •  in winter and in March, a daily transfer to the Carpathian ski resorts KRUTOGOR (10km), SLAVSKY (70km), PLAY (70km) or BUKOVITSA (5km); ski equipment (skis, boots, poles); free skiing, training, picnic lunch on the ski slope of the KRUTOGOR 365 resort! 
    for the December 27 and January 3 races - a banquet and show program;
  • tour collection;
  • insurance;



  • 07: 30-10: 00 - buffet breakfast;
  • 09: 30-12: 00 - a tour of the first half of the day;
  • 12: 00-14: 00 - lunch on the system "buffet";
  • 14: 00-18: 00 - afternoon excursion;
  • 17: 00-19: 00 - dinner on the "buffet";


For excursion in Beregovo - swimming in thermal pools, you need to have swimsuits, swimming trunks and rubber flip flops with you. 
Two hours of swimming costs 220 UAH. per person.  

The price does not include:
  •  Lunches at the hotel on the "buffet" (100 UAH.);
  • lunch on excursions;
  • dry rations for excursions (40 uah);
  • entrance tickets for excursions, hikes and trips;
  • massage (from 70 UAH / session);
  • rafting-rafting on the Stryi river (200 UAH).

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