Great duet. Carpathians + Transcarpathia, 7 days

weekly (from April to October), The tour starts on Saturday in Lviv
Departures from Kharkov - every Friday


All Carpathians and Transcarpathia in one round for 7 days!

We have prepared an amazing program for you:

- ice lakes and scorching waterfalls;

- royal palaces and medieval castles;

- mighty mountains and endless plains;

- hot springs and tempting tastings

And many, many, many national Carpathian flavor!

In the program of the tour: transport and excursion services, hotel accommodation in Pylypets, Berehove, Bukovel, Shipot waterfall, Lake Synevyr, bear rehabilitation center, Schönborn castle, Palanok castle, mineral water tasting, thermal pools, cheese tasting, beer tasting, deer farm, Center of Europe, museums Verkhovyna, Pysanka Museum, Bukovel and Yaremche, master classes, customs and traditions of the Hutsuls.


Lviv - Pylypets - Synevyr - Karpaty - Mukachevo - Beregovo - Uzhgorod - Iza - Kosino - Yaremche - Bukovel - Verkhovyna - Kolomyia - Dovbush Rocks

Season of rest

May - October

Duration of the tour

7 days


1-2 nights:
accommodation in mini-hotels of the village of Pylypets, rooms: 2's, 3's, 4's are local with conveniences on the floor.

3-4 nights:
accommodation in cozy estates of rural tourism of Beregovo district, rooms: 2's, 3's, 4's are local with conveniences on the floor.

5-6 nights:
Hotel "Villa Morishka" in with. Polyanitsa (in the resort “Bukovel”) rooms: 2's, 3's, 4's are local with amenities in the room.


It is ordered additionally on the spot at the accompanying group (optional).
Approximate prices: breakfast - 55-60 UAH., Lunch 90-100 UAH., Dinner 90-95 UAH.



Type of tour


Excursion program

Friday Departure from Kharkov to Lviv by train number 46 to 12-37 (or by train number 141 to 04: 01). Connecting tourists from other cities.
Uzor NU
1 day Saturday Arrival in Lviv in 08: 07 by train number 46 (or by train number 141 in 04: 30).
08: 30 - Group meeting at the station.
09:00 - Departure from Lviv by a comfortable bus towards the Carpathians.

Arrival at the resort Pylypets. Inspection Shipo waterfallst, lunch climb by chairlift to Gimba Mountain, settlement, free time, dinner, evening bonfire).
vodospad shypit gimba01
Uzor NU
2 day Sunday breakfast and check out (08: 00).

(tasting of unique mineral water) - Synevyrsky Pass (review of the Carpathian panoramas) - National Park "Synevyr" (brown bear rehabilitation center, going to the lake, lunch).
sinevir ozero karpaty medved

Kolochava (review of museums and sketches from the life of the highlanders) - Soims (tasting of unique mineral water) - Pylypets (return to the hotel, dinner).
kolochava01 kolochava02
Uzor NU
3 day Monday breakfast and check out (08: 00).
Sanatorium Carpathians (tour of the territory Schonborn Palace) - Mukachevo (castle tour and lunch).
shenborn mukachevo01

Beregovo (swimming in the new thermal pool) - Beregovo volcanic low mountains (wine tasting) - Beregovsky district (rural tourism estates, settlement at 19: 30, dinner).
beregovo 001 beregovo
Uzor NU
4 day Tuesday breakfast and check out (08: 00).
Uzhhorod (city ​​tour, castle and lunch).
uzh14 uzh19

Thermal waters "Kosino" (swimming in the thermal pool) - Beregovsky district. (return to the manors in 20: 30, dinner).
kosino 2 kosino 3
Uzor NU
5 day Wednesday breakfast and check out (08: 00).
Lower Selishche (tasting cheese) - Isa (deer farmsa) - Lower Apsha (overview of the church).
cheese ols

Business (overview of the center of Europe and lunch) - Kvasses (live pi tastingwa) - Polyanitsa (checking into a hotel in 18: 30, Hutsul fun, dinner).
Tsypa 01 Tsypa 02
Uzor NU
6 day thursday breakfast and check out (08: 00).
Verkhovyna (excursion concert in the museum of Roman Kumlikphotographing in hutsul clothes in Museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors").
verhovina01 lila ksenya xnumx
Yavorov (masterpiece workshop) - Kosov (lunch) - Kolomiya (inspection Pisank Museumand dinner) - Polyanitsa (return to the hotel in 21: 00).
lizhnikarstvo01 Kolomyya
Uzor NU
7 day Friday behinddrive in and out (08: 00).
Bukovel (chairlift to the top of Bukovel mountain and an overview of the Carpathian panorama) - Yaremche (visiting the waterfall, Hutsulshchyna restaurant, buying souvenirs and lunch)
bukovel letom 2 yaremche01

Goshev (monastery overview) - Bubnyshche (cliffs of Dovbush) - Lviv (return to 22: 30).
goshev01 skeli dovbusha

Leisure time
Youdriving from Lviv to Kharkov by train number 45 to 03-22.
Uzor NU
Saturday Arrival in Kharkov by train № 45 in 22-07.


Hutsul fun!
In order to fully understand the Hutsuls, their character, customs, cuisine, we invite you to visit the Hutsul fun.

During the fun you are waiting for:
- Dishes of Hutsul cuisine: porcini mushroom soup, bananas with feta cheese, tea from fragrant healing Carpathian herbs ...
- Singing and dancing from the Hutsul chapel "Dovbusheva Taystra";
- Master classes in Hutsul dances: Hutsul, sieve, dove;
- Hutsul songs, kolyomyki, songs about the Carpathians;
- Initiation in Hutsuls;
- And dancing, dancing, dancing to incendiary Hutsul music.
The cost of the Hutsul dinner and participation in the fun - 180 UAH.
The cost of participation in the fun without dinner is 90 UAH.

Note: Hutsul fun happens if there is a group of 35 people who want to take part in it.


The cost per person in UAH.

variant of the package tour price
without train
tour price
with railway pass
(reserved seat)
tour price
with railway pass
at 2-local
3700 4250 4600
at 3-local
3550 4100 4450
at 4-local
3400 3950 4300

Surcharge for 1-local accommodation - 750 UAH.

Discounts for children:
- Children under 6 years of age (inclusive), accompanied by 2 adults and without a separate seat in the bus and when staying - free of charge;
- Children up to 12 years of age (inclusive) discount on the total cost of the tour 350 UAH / person.


  • railway travel (according to the chosen tour package);
  • travel by comfortable bus from / to Lviv along the entire route;
  • Accommodation in small private hotels (for 2 nights in Pylypets, Beregovo, Bukovel);
  • escort of the guide;
  • excursions according to the program;
  • insurance.


Extra charges:
meals, entrance tickets to excursion objects, tastings and participation in the Hutsul fun, personal expenses

Cost of entrance tickets to tourist sites and tastings:
- climb on the chairlift to Mount Ghimba: general - 120 UAH. on both sides, children under 10 years - 100 UAH. round trip;
- brown bear rehabilitation center: general, pension - 25 UAH, students and schoolchildren - 10 UAH .;
- Shipot waterfall: general, retirement, student - 10 UAH., children 11-16 years old - 5 UAH., children under 10 years old - free of charge;
- Lake "Synevyr": general, retirement - 25 UAH, students and schoolchildren -10 UAH;
- ethnographic museum-skansen “Old Village” and the Museum of the History of the Railway “Kolochavskaya narrow gauge railway”, Branch of the Museum of Forest and Alloy “Kolochavsky Bokorash”: total - 70 UAH., pensioners, students - 50 UAH., schoolchildren - 35 UAH;
- refreshments, fun with musicians and scenes from the life of the mountaineers in Kolochava tavern "At Wolf" (the menu includes: lard, cheese, garlic, cucumber, bread, funny Carpathian vodka): adults - 80 UAH / person, children - 40 UAH / person .;
- Schönborn Palace: adult, retirement, student - 20 UAH., schoolchildren - 15 UAH. ;;
- Mukachevo Castle: adults - 50 UAH., Students, pensioners - 40 UAH., Children under 14 years - 30 UAH .;
- a new thermal pool "Lark" in Beregovo: general, students - 200 UAH., retirees by age - 150 UAH., Children from 120 to 150 see. - 100 UAH., children up to 120 see. - Free, locker rental - 20 UAH
- wine tasting: 60 UAH., tour without the consumption of wine - 30 UAH .;
- visit to the cult restaurant “Dec at the notary” - 5 UAH .;
- Uzhgorod castle: general (adults, pensioners) - 50 UAH., Students - 40 UAH., Students - 20 UAH .;
- thermal pool "Kosino": general - 400-450 UAH, ATO participants and disabled 1 groups - 300 UAH., children up to 150 cm. - free, locker rental - 50 UAH;
- tasting of three varieties of cheese with wine: general - 50 UAH., students - 30 UAH .;
- deer farm: general, retirement and student - 30 UAH., schoolchildren - 20 UAH .;
- excursion and tasting of four types of beer in Kvass: 100 UAH / person, just an excursion 20 UAH;
- tour-concert in the museum of the Hutsul life and musical instruments. Roman Kumlik: general, student and student - 25 UAH .;
- Museum "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors": general, retirement and student - 25 UAH, student - 20 UAH;
- a master class with lizhnikarstva: general, student, pension - 15 UAH., student - 10 UAH .;
- Pysanka Museum: general and pension - 25 UAH., student - 15 UAH., student - 10 UAH;
- Climbing the chairlift to Bukovel Mountain: general - 105 UAH. on both sides, pensioners and children under 11 years - 75 UAH. round trip;
- Entrance to the Dovbush Rocks and transfer at grooves in both directions: adults - 60 UAH / person, children under 12 years - 30 UAH / person;

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