Winter adventures on Dragobrat! Ski vacation

weekly, the beginning of the tour - any day in Yasinyi
departures from Kharkov: by direct train - on even numbers, from Kiev - every day!

Weekly regular guaranteed tour from 2 people!

Ski tour to the Carpathians for extreme and adventure lovers! Accommodation, recreation and skiing in the highest mountain ski resort of Ukraine - Dragobrat, entertainment and tasting!


Dragobrat resort

Season of rest

December - March

The main resorts


Holidays in Dragobrat are very attractive for lovers of winter extreme entertainment, such as snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling and others. Lovers of active winter holidays have ideal conditions: steep peaks, descents for beginners and even children, the best conditions for freeride in the Carpathians, because there are many wild, inaccessible places with untouched snow.

Duration of the tour

5 days / 7 days


Hotel "Adrenaline", Dragobrat

Standard 2-3-bed rooms with all conveniences.
adrenaline 01adrenaline 02
adrenaline 03adrenaline 06
adrenaline 07 photo 89
photo 68 photo 83


2 meals a day (breakfasts + dinners)



Type of tour


Excursion program

Departure from Kharkov to Yasinya by train number 15 at 15:09 (on even days). 
Departure from Kiev to Yasinya by train # 055 at 15:02 (daily).

Uzor NU
1 day

Arrival in Yasinya by train from Kiev # 055 at 06:28 or by train from Kharkov # 15 at 10:49. 
Meeting tourists at the train station
Transfer to the high mountain resort Dragobrat.

Accommodation at the hotel "Adrenaline" in the center of the resort, 50 meters from the ski lift.
Skiing, snowboarding (equipment and lifts are paid additionally on the spot).
dragobrat xnumx dragobrat xnumx

17: 30-19: 00 - Dinner at the hotel (complex)
Uzor NU
2,3,4 days
08: 30-10: 00 - Breakfast at the hotel (Swiss table).
Free days. Skiing and rest on Dragobrat. 
dragobrat xnumx dragobrat xnumx
dragobrat xnumx dragobrat xnumx
dragobrat xnumx dragobrat xnumx
17: 30-19: 00 - Dinners at the hotel (complex)
Uzor NU
5 day

08: 30-10: 00 - Breakfast at the hotel (Swiss table). Free time. Check-out of rooms until 12:00.
Transfer to the railway station p. Yasinya
Departure from Yasinya to Kiev by train # 056 at 17:17 or to Kharkov by train # 16 at 13:25.
Uzor NU
Arrival in Kiev by train number 056 to 09: 20.
Arrival in Kharkov by train number 16 to 08: 39

The cost per person in UAH.

hotel / travel tour price
for 1 person 

without railway
tour price 
for 1 person

with railway pass 
from Kiev
055 / 056 train
(reserved seat)
tour price 
for 1 person

with railway pass 
from Kiev
055 / 056 train
tour price 
for 1 person

with railway pass 
from Kharkov 
15 / 16 train
For 2 local location: 6420 7070 7470 8820
For 3 local location: 6340 6890 7290 8640

Children under 5 years old without a place and food - 3 free (accompanied by 2 adults).
Discount for children under 14 years old - 400 UAH.


  • railway travel (according to the chosen tour package);
  • accommodation in a comfortable hotel in the Dragobrat resort in standard rooms with conveniences for 4 nights;
  • 2 meals a day (breakfasts + dinners);
  • transfer station - hotel - train station;
  • insurance.


Ski passes are purchased independently at the box office of ski resorts.
You can see the prices for the ski lifts of the Dragobrat resort HERE!


  • The tour is designed for individual tourists from 2 people
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and sequence of excursions without changing the number of services provided.
  • Tour and price are not valid during the holiday period (26.12-10.01; 07.03-11.03).
  • Equipment rental, lifts are paid additionally on the spot.
  • There are other options for rail travel, a decrease or an increase in the number of days in the Carpathians.
  • For group customers, the program is calculated for the query. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group.

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