Vibrations of the Cosmos. We meet the Age of Aquarius in Transcarpathia

a week later (from November to March), the start of the tour is on Friday in Mukachevo

вdepartures from Kharkov - on Thursdays


In 2021, the world entered the era of Aquarius, which began with the merger of the two largest planets in the solar system - Jupiter and Saturn. The era of Aquarius will last for 2000 years, and you and I have been given a unique opportunity to see her birth and first steps.

Why is it easier to hear the vibrations of the Cosmos in Transcarpathia:

- here the Middle Ages are combined with Modernity;

- here the West borders on the East;

- the Geographic Center of Europe is located here;

- several countries coexist here and dozens of nationalities peacefully coexist;

- here on Hoverla there is snow all year round, and kiwi and grapes are grown in the valleys;

- here hot mineral springs gush out from the ground;

- here in Mukachevo an amazing person lives - a cosmobioenergetic - who will tell us the secrets of the Age of Aquarius.

The tour will be interesting to everyone who is fond of cosmobioenergy, esotericism, parapsychology, numerology, carmology and, in general, the energies of Man and the Cosmos.

And also in the tour program: a secret space station, thermal pools, training seminars with a parapsychologist, coffee and wine tastings and much more.


Mukachevo - Beregovo - Uzhhorod - Lumshory

Season of rest

winter spring

Duration of the tour

3 day


Mukachevo, hotel "Amethyst" 3 *
The modern hotel complex is located near the city center on the bank of the river Latoritsa. We offer standard rooms with double or single beds, a table, furniture, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and a bathroom (WC, shower).
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Type of tour


Excursion program

ThursdayDeparture from Kharkov to Mukachevo by train number 46 at 12:39. Connecting tourists from other cities.
Uzor NU

1 day Friday Arrival in Mukachevo at 12-52. Meeting tourists in Mukachevo at the station. Connecting tourists from other cities. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation in rooms (according to the estimated time).

14: 30-17: 30 - Tour of Mukachevo "The City of Latoritsa". During the tour, we will get acquainted with the ancient (1125 years) and eternally young city of Mukachevo, with its amazing history and architecture. Tourists will visit covered with legends Palanock Castle, whose stormy history is connected with the history of almost all the countries of Central Europe, will visit the historical center of the city surrounded by a city wall, see the original of the monument to Cyril and Methodius, a copy of which adorns the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, wishes, having wiped the bronze button of the chimney sweep and finger Prince Fedor Koriatovich.

mukachevo 001 zamok palanok

Seminar-training "The Age of Aquarius and Its Rebellious Energy ".

The Age of Aquarius will change the world. Success in it can be achieved by those who have a progressive and extraordinary mind, who are not afraid to leave the comfort zone and have the ability to think wider than others. We all need a foundation, good concentration, the ability to collect.

The training takes place at the hotel, it is conducted by a specialist in cosmobioenergy, parapsychologist Andrey Dufinets.Uzor NU

2 day Saturday Breakfast.


- Excursion - tasting "Mukachevo with coffee aroma" (150 UAH per person). The aroma of coffee has firmly entered the life of modern man. In Transcarpathia, coffee began to drink for 50 years earlier than in Vienna, years on 80 - than in Lviv, and in Soviet times the brand "Coffee in Zakarpattya" was an inseparable line of the menu of all decent restaurants, even when the rest for coffee gave out tinted in glasses of boiling water. On this excursion, tourists not only learn about the history of the appearance of coffee, the types and ways of making this divine drink, but also taste its seven varieties in the best coffee house Mukachev.
kava001 kava002

- Excursion "Mukachevo - space outpost of Ukraine" (250 UAH per person)Ukraine can be proudly called a space power, and now we have the opportunity to visit one of the unique space objects. It is called the Western Center for Radio Engineering Surveillance and is located in Mukachevo. Radio-technical unit of the missile strike warning system, antenna pavilion, radar station, command post, computer complex. A tour of these and other objects for you will be led by real "monsters" of space, on which at one time lay the responsibility for the safety of the whole world.
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kosmos 02 kosmos 04

13: 30-17: 30 - Departure to Beregovo, where mainly Hungarians live. Time to explore the city or swimming in the pool with thermal mineral water “Lark”" (220 UAH per person)

beregove002 20170825 124746 largejpg

Return to Mukacheve.

Seminar - training "New Vibrations of the Cosmos ".
In this lesson, you will learn how important it is to correctly receive and give new vibrations of the Cosmos. This will help strengthen the protection of your subtle bodies (ether, mental, astral ...) and program success, health, business prosperity ...
The training takes place at the hotel, it is conducted by a specialist in cosmobioenergy, parapsychologist Andrey Dufinets.
Uzor NU

3 day Sunday Зavtrak.

06: 45 – 07: 15 - Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.
08: 00-19: 00 - Excursion "Uzhgorod + Lumshory".
First, the road will lead us to the famous monument to the postman in the center of the town of Perechin, and then to the village. Lumshory is not far. In this beautiful corner of the Carpathians under the Runa mountain, to the sound of the mountain river Turitsa, some tourists take a steam bath in vats (optional for an additional fee, 10: 30 -11: 30), under which fires burn, others - dine in a hut, others - make amazing shots against the backdrop of picturesque waterfalls!
Lushmory xnumx Lushmory xnumx

- optional extra charge lunch-tasting in the horseshoe tavern from 13 Transcarpathian dishes + compote and plum brandy - 12: 30-14: 00) - 250 UAH / person

podkova01 podkova02

After lunch, Uzhgorod - the regional center of Transcarpathia awaits us, a city with a unique view, interesting history and well-preserved historical and architectural monuments. Tourists will get acquainted with the historical center of this city, see the old Korzo street, monuments to the lamplighter, St. Mikolajczyk, Franz Liszt, St. George, the Greek Catholic Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and the former synagogue of the Orthodox Jewish community. Uzhgorod castle is the only fortress in Transcarpathia, which has bastions from Orilionam
Here, in the arms hall of the museum of local lore, tourists will see its beautiful specimens, including a two-handed sword of the 16th century, spears, halberds, cuirasses, swords, and even the personal saber of Stephen Bathory, who once defeated the army of Ivan the Terrible himself.
uzhgorod 001pg uzhgorod 002
uzghorod uzhgorod 004

Optionally, for an additional fee in Uzhgorod, a tasting of Transcarpathian wines in the Chardonnay cellar is offered (18: 00-19: 00, 7 wine varieties - 1 hours. - 150 UAH / person)

19: 00 - Transfer to the railway station in Uzhgorod.

21: 00 - Departure by train number 45 from Uzhgorod.

Uzor NU
Monday  Arrival in Kharkov by train № 45 in 22-07.

The cost per person in UAH.

variant of the package tour price
without train
tour price
with railway pass
from Kharkov
reserved seat
tour price
with railway pass
from Kharkov

at 2-local

4450 5150 5650

at 3-local

4250 4950 5450

Surcharge for 1-local accommodation - 500 UAH.

Children up to 5 years without a place and food - 500 UAH.

Discount for children up to 12 years on extra. place - 200 грн.


railway travel (according to the selected tour package), hotel accommodation in Mukachevo in 2-3-bed standard rooms with all conveniences, meals according to the program - 2 breakfasts, transport and excursion services according to the program: excursion around Mukachevo, excursion to Uzhgorod and Lumshory, departure to Beregovo, transfers, 2 trainings - seminars, insurance, supervision of the group by a representative of the tour operator.


  • The tour is prefabricated, designed for any number of tourists from 1 people;
  • The tour operator reserves the right to change the program and the sequence of excursions without changing the number of services.
  • Tour and price are not valid during the New Year-Christmas period and for some holidays.
  • Entrance tickets to visited objects, tastings, swimming in pools, optional excursions are paid additionally:
    Mukachevo Castle “Palanok” - 50 / 50 / 30 UAH, swimming pool “Lark” - 200 / 100 UAH + 20 UAH locker rental, Uzhgorod castle - 50 / 35 / 25, bathing in vats in Lumshory - 250 UAH. (depending on the number of people, there are vats for 5, 6, 8, 10 people)
  • Optional excursions will be held if there are at least 4 people in the group.
  • There are other options for rail travel, a decrease or an increase in the number of days spent in Transcarpathia.
  • For group customers, the program is calculated for the query. The price depends on the agreed program, the hotel, the number of people in the group.

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